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Out Of My Head ft. Trey Songz [Music Video]



Busy's picture
on June 30, 2011


Sunny_2's picture

Lupe Keeep Doin wat ur DOin every song u bring out makes My life SOO much better :)
JustALaser's picture

You look SOOOOO much better with your hair smaller.
what matters's picture

GO BACK to making music useful Lupe!!!!! you hit it to the T till this one. you killed it, you really did with this one... give respect to yourself unlike trey and all the others. p.s. where is the respect your supposed to give to girls like your religion taught you? if you made this video in the mosque imagine how crazy that would be! you would keep, keep seeing the name of the lord everywhere YOU'D BE GOING! while doing what you did in this song!!!! AND AT THE END WOULD IT BE A GOOD DAY?! LMAOO and then tell your fans how crazy your day went.
KarmaJ's picture

This video was cute. Told a story, without straying far from the. I like it. Very innocent compared to everything else out nowadays.
Mr.Hez's picture

How is this selling out? Lupe didn't once break any of his morals, religious beliefs, still speaks the truth, and his? messages have a meaning and are always positive. He even kept Trey in check. I like this song, Do ya thing mayneeeeeeee!!!!!!!
SaraR.'s picture

LUPE!!!!what are you doing? i miss ur old self:(

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