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Rome Cee - This Thing of Ours *Audio* w/lyrics

on June 02, 2012
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Fucking wit chickens, you gotta roaster
I'm close to my morals, only be I'm where I'm supposed to be
That's groceries in the bag wit my whole sum hustle
Won't know the struggle forever
Which most have become accustomed to
Make it uncomfortable to do what do what you what do
Especially if you doing it wrong, I'm ruin the mood
Like bad news in the forecast
Im doin my brew creamy dark, I like my chicks the same and be on the mark
Ask my babymom, I live it out what I say in my song
Better hope I have a change a heart and say I was wrong
Cause if I put it in the ethers that the ancestors pissed
Won't be hard for us to find out why that man was on that cliff
Jump bitch, Jump bitch, all off a little bit of something
I been cheffing in my mind. An entree is what it come with
Some shit you can't pronounce, it's like a French fancy dish
And come quick, this on the house, I'm like a rich man with bricks
Stan smith kicks
Courtesy of Adidas, I'm a leader
I'm a show niggas better than I can treat em
On my re-up, second time around
I'm freed up, name speaking for itself
Or else it's do or die and I won't be up on no shelf, uh-uh
Who the fuck u think this is? I'm Rome Cee baby!
What a nigga crazy
Think they can shame me
But blame me if he do
I'll play the fool once but never twice
Clever devices is in my mind
I'm negligent and nice , an oxymoron to niggas that know
A trigga blow to gut
Ain't that ol' rigamarole
So nigga know I'm Wassup
Sometimes you gotta the extra mile to separate
The salivate at the mouth as I soul control and levitate
Totem pole, I'm at the stake, a vampire killa
Try to say that they could take me out, a damn liar is ya?
That empire bigger steadily growing everyday
And at the rate a nigga goin
There ll be no one in my place
Like the Empire State, a landmark
The Golden Gate
That's a bridge that they goin have to cross that ain't up for debate
I take my time, hold the weight of the world, call me Kronos
And they take me for just taking ya girl but I don't know tho
I don't pogo on the first thing smokin, I gotta go tho
I be out sayonara, til we meat again like Fogo
De Choa my style is wild especially when I'm solo
So imagine when I'm wit the mob
La Costra Nostro, yo
This Thing of Ours

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Something Beyond Part 2- (feat. Matth & Ill Conscious)

on April 17, 2012
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87 Conceptions brings you part 2 of Something Beyond featuring Matth and Ill Conscious from Rome Cee's latest project "The Grey Area" available now on iTunes. Get your copy today

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Jay Mastermind- Are You Ready (Music Video)

on April 07, 2012
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87 Conceptions bring you the visuals to Jay Mastermind's "Are You Ready". A track that was featured on his last project "The Meditative State", which is available for free download at This song features local singer Samyule, and illistrates what can happen if someone is in a tight spot, with friends around there is sure to be an idea in the air to make things happen.

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The Art School Without Walls, Vol.1

on March 19, 2012
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Cre8tive YouTH*ink is just beamin' over their new mural with Sofia Maldonado. Tropical Storm: Gowanus

I'm Beamin' from the CD 'Lasers' by Lupe Fiasco.

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Skeme x Shugga Shane - Ridin [Prod. by Hi-Fly][HOTT!]

on March 15, 2012
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D/L Track :
FOLLOW: @Skeme | @ShuggaShane1
Inglewood's heavy hitter Skeme teams up with West Coast hot spitter Shugga Shane to create this DOPE ass joint! These 2 young guns are definitely goin hard on the track spewing a barrage of aggressive lyrics laced with swagged out flows & delivery. Bump it, Share it, Like it & TELL YA FRIENDS TO DOWNLOAD ASAP.

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