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Signed Poster


Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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peacefulfree.'s picture

many people say every song but i personally am telling the truth when i say i havent heard a song by him that i didnt like. something about his different style and uniqueness is amazing even though the label impedes some of his creativity and wants to change him his TRUTH shines through in his songs. LASERS is amazing and soo are all his older albums. kick push started my love for his music when i was younger and has grown over the years. Love. Always. Shines. Every time. Remember to. Smile. keep killin it Lupe.
matijamali's picture

daydreaming because the way he used a robot to talk about the hood
tamara's picture

So many to choose from, but I love little weapon, and the instrumental and the cool, argh!
513hiphopdude's picture

Coming Up because it makes me feel happy whenever I hear it!
Aysha Choudhary's picture

Kick, Push
Aysha Choudhary's picture

Little Weapon
Aysha Choudhary's picture

The Cool
Aysha Choudhary's picture

Lupe the Kills, mercy he's a mess
merylbelle's picture

"American Terrorist" because the song and its subject matter exemplify who Lupe Fiasco is all about: honesty, social commentary, sick flow
Ian_lazer's picture

I would have to say my favorite song is Beautiful Lasers. It holds so much relevance to me. Thanks for keeping it real Lupe!


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