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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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SwitchBlade's picture

'The Show Goes On'. You came, you conquered, and you inspired me. This was the best song I've heard in a really long time, when i make it big, I am determined to do a collaboration with you. Hit me up @switchblade15
KingKobra's picture

Favorite Lupe song of all time is Words I Never Said because its about the truth.
RockyJr1986's picture

Words I've Never Said: because you have the balls to say things that other people don't. I agree with your thoughts and you are a very talented rapper and lyricist. I saw you in concert and you have so much energy on stage that it was insane crazy.
thartford's picture

Fighters w/ Matthew Santos... It's simple, straightforward, and honest. Plus, Santos' voice sounds great with Lupe's rhymes.
swrt28's picture

'Words I never said'- Masterful song, meaningful lyrics unlike other music today. It's revolutionary.
amethystvenom's picture

I really can't pick one! I'd say the cool because it's the first time I hear the magick though.
stand.bye's picture

Dumb It Down, for having the balls to preach on the industry.
Casey_13's picture

By far daydreamin' because not only does he speak the truth in all his music, but he kills this song, especially the second verse. I also like it how the chorus and verses are completely different paces. He is the man and I look forward to watching him keep killing it!
JLupeMART's picture

Words I Never Said. You speak the truth at a time when everyone needs to hear it wether they want to or not. #Respect #OneLove
killa120's picture

my favorite lupe song? now this is a hard question to answer if i had to pick one song though it would probably be lupe the killer lyrically it's one of the best and it just speaks to you it's hard to describe my feeling when i first heard this song as it was the first time i heard lupe wayyyy back when


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