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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 4 months ago

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isaias's picture

Till I Get There-it inspires people and gives me hope that i can make it too! "When i make i'll stunt so hard"
Purps's picture

Dumb it Down. Because the lyrics give me the chills. When i listen to other music i kinda think of what they would say it a record label told them to dumb it down and i don't think anyone would put out a song thats so easy to listen to but I still don't think i've taken in every lyric.
zampy1391's picture

Its a tie between "Words I Never Said" and "Little Weapon". Words I Never Said because of its strong meaningful lyrics, and Little Weapon because it sounds great and I always listen to it.
Connie's picture

"Letting Go" I think this song shows Lupe in a different light, really exposing himself for what and who he is; human. The world continues to shatter around us and when he says he feels the world is against him, it is quite relative to how we all feel. The song is inspiring and real, two things that a lot of music lacks in this generation.
PatDGAF's picture

My all time favorite is Kick Push, I like all of ur songs/raps but Kick Push just gets me in a really good mood no matter wat my problem in life is.... Thanx Lupe
KatiaB's picture

"Words I Never Said" Great lyrics and the song is just..real. Lupe and Skylar are a perfect combination when it comes to music. It's definitely my favorite on the album.
ddrjay122494's picture

My favorite Lupe song is Fighters. The lyrics are so creative and complex but at the same time, they mean a lot to me. It makes me think of my grandpa because I lost him a while ago. All in all, the song means a lot to me and there is absolutely no reason for anyone not to love that song. Fighters.
ManofWarmachine's picture

Little Weapon - too many to list but I heard this song for the first time in awhile the other day while watching lord of war and it really hit home. Being a white kid from Canada I needed some perspective to relate and it sure as hell hit home
JamieG613's picture

Favorite song is all black everything because lupe does a great job bringing up the issue of racism in this song using great imagery. He really makes you think of the possobilities and what life could be like if we didn't limit ourselves. Another great song!
Fish's picture

little weapon really spoke to me when i first heard it. i was in my basement with my older bro and he put it on my ipod and said,"heres a real artist to listen too."


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