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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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frizzface's picture

"Go Go Gadget Flow" has got to be one of my main faves from Lupe. I'm from the Chi and this is my anthem for how much I'm in love with this city!!
NikRap's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life Anytime this song comes on, it's bound to get the party raging. Always gets me in the perfect state of mind for beer pong.
vannah89's picture

One of my favorite songs is "what it do" because it just exemplified the influence that media and consumerism has on the population and how we get all wrapped in it spending our money and time on these materialistic things in a musical and artistic way. My other favorite (b/c I can't pick one and would add more if i could) would be "Lupe the Killer". the beat is sick, the rhymes are hot, and its just a song that gets me pumped. I could listen to it over and over again.
S-Deezy17's picture

"The Fighters" Because I feel like you put a lot of thought into it, and the lyrics to that song are my exact thoughts and the way I feel, it also reminds me of my own personal life.
bdoggz123's picture

Joaquin Phoenix has that old Lupe boy swagg to it haha
xhensila04's picture

Although I think they are all lyrical masterpieces, Little Weapon would have to one of my mains because I had recently read "A Long Way Gone" a memoir of a boy soldier who fought most of his childhood in Sierra Leone. No book has ever touched and moved me as it did and listening to Little Weapon for the first time brought the story back to life and it all seemed to connect. You've come to inspire me like no other artist ever has because you've given hope to rap and meaning to hip hop. Never stop inspiring young people such as myself and others around this world because we are listening. I look up to you and hope you never stop shining.
nealp321's picture

I'm Beaming hands down the BEST Lupe Fiasco song for me. This song in particular is on all of my CD's and playlists I never ever got tired of it and he just has a crazy flow in the song like always but this song just sticks out to me. The beat is kinda idk futuristic and just crazy I love that song!
TheCoolLaser's picture

I would have to say "The Coolest" off of the cool album, the music is like a movie score and every verse is like a scene in an epic tale, the lyrics are more so spoken to you rather than rapped, its like Lupe was having a conversation in a story format the first time I heard it. Im surprised I didn't burn a hole in that cd as many times as I played it!
D@hknee's picture

My favorite song would be a tie between intruder alert and coming up. They both have strong and powerful lyrics. Lupe is the best rapper out hands down!
Tokinblk's picture

My favorite lupe song is beautiful lasers at the moment I literally can never decide what my favorite lupe song is since he's by far my favorite artist but beautiful lasers always gets my mind clear


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