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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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Star Trak T's picture

I'd have to say "The Coolest" I can visualize so much of what he's talking about. Kinda like I can see a music video for it. The beat, the strings, the flow, it's just dope.
frizzface's picture

"Go Go Gadget Flow" has got to be one of my main faves from Lupe. I'm from the Chi and this is my anthem for how much I'm in love with this city!! (Say now I'm from the city in the midwest, best city in the whole wide wide world!). Plus his flow is just so freakin' amazing in this song.. it really shows how authentic of a rapper he is and how fun he could be with his lyrics! "Hey hey don't hate on me, my tank on full, yo' tank on E"
FEAR789's picture

words i never said is my favorite because it is sending out a message that only some will pay attention to but the truth is that we all need that message.
NoMuziqNoLife's picture's hard to pick a FAV track there's so many good ones. However I'm gonna pick the one that hit closest to home for me. BEAUTIFUL LASERS. I first heard it before his album dropped @ the ROSELAND in PORTLAND. Lu I was the girl wit the lights on my wrist lol ask BAM anyway i cried during that performance because for me it was like u wrote a song about me. If I could write a song that depicts me it's that. So I hated feelin like my favorite artist had to feel like that at some point so I was sad. But it also reminded me u were human. Strong for sharin an experience like that THANK U!!! yea that'll b my favorite.
carreracool's picture

Mean&Vicious- the lyrics and creativity are so raw. This was before lupe was put on the map and ge goes harder than ever. There is not other track that compares and something like shows his upbringing as a musician. I'd love to see something like resurface in the Great American Rap Album. Swag.
theflash2711's picture

Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways). Everyone has demons that they fight, and this song does a fantastic job of exposing the difficulties people face. Even during success, people still only see there flaws. For me, I strive for perfection too often in school, work, etc. Instead of celebrating my accomplishments I can focus on my flaws. The lines "all you see is all my feats all I see is all my flaws all I hear is all my demons even through your applause all you see is all my flights well all I see is all my falls all you see is all my rights all I see is all my wrongs" are very powerful to me. This song exposes our demons, but also offers advice as to cure the issues finding something that you love, whether its music, reading, summer. Thank you for this song.
jamesATtempleU's picture

Till I get there - LASERS bein yourself is important but change is ok if you remember where your from and what youve learned, swag
chuckrx's picture

I think it's borderline impossible to pick one. But being from H-Town, I flipped my shit when I heard you talking about The Galleria and Candy Paint on "Hip Hop Saved My Life." And honestly, the title alone should mean a lot to anyone posting on this forum. Not to mention the shivers I got from watching Nikki Jean's blog video from when she bought 10 copies of "The Cool," ripped one open and started crying tears of joy when she got to hear her voice on an such an amazing record.
LO_2's picture

"Daydreamin'" Never get tired of listening to it. The song is unfairly good and Jill Scott is the icing on the cake.
Adz's picture

One of my favourite tracks is Intruder Alert off The Cool album... deep story, amazing beat, quality lyrics... really makes me think every time. Into 3 figures on my iTunes play count!


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