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Lupe Lyrical Portrait


Lupe Lyrical Portrait
Posted by amm4n
Posted byamm4n
3 years 5 months ago

A typography portrait I made using Photoshop and all of my favourite Lupe Fiasco Lyrics and Song titles.
All of the words were written out individually and then bent and placed to match the original image - then coloured.
Took me a while, I hope you like it :)
- Amman Bains (UK)

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MuslimahInTheHouse's picture

I always see this picture in regular form, but this is just beast. I'd like to see more like it XD
youngm5's picture

pretty cool 5 an idol of mine5 ive alway5 thought u wa5 creative KEEP IT UP LUPE
Helene's picture

? it!
Nicko_Dope's picture

this is pretty dope, do you have a colored version? Portfolio:
LeO Hechsi J Kambi Let 'em's picture

"Yeah!" BIG BIG Up To Ya Man AMMAN*** Such A Great Creativity Task You Did! It's Cool Like CooL ~L A S E R S~ >>>M a k e I t L a s t E v e r

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