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WORLD PREMIERE: Lupe Fiasco & Kenna - "Resurrection" [Music Video]

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on March 10, 2010

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Nasin's picture

This song made me donate to haiti once again.
D_man71200's picture

Just came back from haiti and watched this video. It was the perfect song to describe it. Things are getting better slowly
louie0612's picture

i love this song and the video
LabyrinthSATX's picture

as far as EXPOSINGTHEWICKED is concerned need to speak to you other than to say than you seem to be missin a little bit of love in your life homie haaa. its coo my man il pray for ya..jus keep in mind you are the one spelling words incorrectly and got so much negativity in your heart you seemed to be brainwashed its coo not worried bout you ha got to be kidding me hahaa oh and no need for you to respond, you've taken up enough of my time there is no need to respond back to you.
M.shelz's picture

oh and for the record music does have the power to heal it also has the power to destroy on the contrary that we all respond according to our 5 senses without them we are nothing the actual sound that is said to heal is the miraculous frequency for transformation and DNA repair is 528 hz, its amazing how our own brain is much more intelligent than we can even imagine, look past your ego wake up and use your third eye . praise god!
M.shelz's picture

I love your heart!!!!! you all are so beautiful.... I am so grateful for the things i have even tho most would say it aint much...i feel as if i'm rich spiritually... Lupe & kenna may god give you the endurance and strength you need for every ounce of charisma needed to continue to help humanity rise. I have nothing but pure love for you all and with that said thats all we need is Love!
TheHeretic's picture

@exposingthewicked he didn't mean it fucking literally you retard. like aids or any other type of ailment/bad situation is going to be fucking cured by listening to music. all he meant was it makes people happier and makes em feel good. no need to start some vicious argument over nothing so you get educated you dumbass.
gritsneggs's picture

Why is Lupe Fiasco the illest rapper period?
ExposingTheWicked's picture

"Nothing heals better then music.." STFU the last thing the people of haiti need is mUSIC.. where is your fcking mind to say such crap you stupid mind controlled pupper and you labryinthastsx what ever your nickname is GET EDUCATED on what really shines in dark times OR GTFO e-t-w
LabyrinthSATX's picture

The video is great, shines a light in a dark time, very uplifting, and i agree w L.I.M.I.T. nothin heals better than music, uplifts peoples feelings...keep doin your thing lupe
L.I.M.I.T's picture

It's really good very respectful towards the people of Haiti and everywhere around the world. Nothing heals better then music..
cohbler's picture

I am Lupe's heir to the throne... Lupe if U are listening, I got ressurected into "MC^2"... my rhymes are so close to yours its scary... you mention Frank Lapedis in a song who is the plane driver from the show Lost. I am who you were looking for, God willing. I know of the master's "Essence"... The Champ is here
nIANja909's picture

I'd have to be interested in the song in the first place to want to watch a it's music video amirite?
C7A's picture

The video came out sick, I like how each person hade their own 3D.
Laser bear's picture

let all report this bitch name "EXPOSINGTHEWICKED" because every time i jump on here he has something neg to say and if u all here a lot then you know what I'm mean we are lasers not loser and he is a loser - L>A>S>E
VSkillz's picture

This is beautiful. Lasers are beautiful.
stojke91's picture

where's mike shinoda at?
ExposingTheWicked's picture

stop the propoganda please stupid video clip RESPECTLESSS TO THE DEAD smh.. with your anarchy chain WTF ,,i,,
UnknownMarauda's picture

couldn't have done it better...tough video
Hori's picture

loved ittt. and i've missed Kenna, dammit!
justin hines's picture

great song,touching video and just kepp doin what u do
Sound Boy_2's picture

YEA LU!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIce Song!
momo_3's picture

I luv!! Keep on doin what u do..1.
ReciRich's picture

this vid was soooo inspirational! loved it! cant wait 2 c ya live!!!
ReciRich's picture

loved it! very inspirational!!!! great raw video!
jadc's picture

touching video and a beutiful song! One Love Lupe...x
Bunz256's picture

Real shit from the soul man,much love brotha and keep doing it for the people
M Tarkhov's picture

this video wonderfully represent the song! thank you guys! great job

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