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WORLD PREMIERE: "Lasers" Album Cover

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Busy's picture
on January 19, 2011

Lupe Fiasco's "Lasers" in stores and online March 8th! Pre-order coming soon!


LoVeIsReLiGion's picture

I'm kinda diggin the cover, it looks similar to something I saw before.. idk if it was em or the fray but that doesnt matter. LUPE's album is gonna kill it. I know it and we (his fans) need to show support in his career and prove that real music is still out here.
cfresh's picture

fresh cover.
envyhurts-'s picture

Agreed, i can't wait either, bud.
Naughty by Niemczyk's picture

03/08/11 - 11/11. Keep it in the light, Lupe.
Fcruzbarcelona's picture

DONT PIRATE THIS ALBUM, Go out and actually buy it! One of Hip Hop's few lifelines, screw the mainstream rappers. Let's make it go platinum.
ROB AND HIPHOP's picture

yo album cover is hot, i vibe with this. though however, i hope there is a alternate album cover to see from the fans which one is best, either way the album goin to #1 on the billboard, u already kno it. imma def get this album and be proud to be a lupe fan, FNF UP!!!!!!
kookabura3's picture

We gotta show up as a fan base when Lupe drops the new single on February 1st and when the album comes out. We gotta make him look better, and not make him be the one who has to change his music just so people know who he is. Lets pull an Avenged Sevenfold and get him to #1 on the Billboard. FNF UP!
jesstterr the fiasco fanatic's picture

so fucken sick.. the cover reminds me of em's recovery, only this album is gonna be 50 jillions times better! going for those thriller numbers!! no platinum! we goin 10x's diamond!!! generation lasers!! fnf up!!!!!!
illAC's picture

Is allright kinda reminisent of BluePrint 3 it doesnt scream lupe to me though,Record Label probably had something to do with it..hope he comes out with an alternate cover you know with that lupe feel to it. he said lasers i expected some anime sci fi star wars kinda thing. it should have his logo on it though like on the cool it had that arabic style font to his name that was so ill. i just had higher expectations. get at me
fms_twisted_2's picture

LASER!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! does anyone know where we can pre-order it?
scottilew's picture

I've been waiting THREE YEARS FOR THIS!!! the moment is near!!! LASERS!!!!! I think I'll just hibernate until the 8th.
Young Genio's picture

dude that cover is sick man can't wait to get it man im pre-orderin that
R.V's picture

niceeeeeeeee looks dope...
Neptunes135's picture

Ahhh, i cant effin wait!!!!!
Wali_2011's picture

Love the new cover! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER Lasers_2011
Cisse's picture

Mannnn...I cannot WAIT!!!!!! This album art cover is GENIUS!!!
Romell Smothers's picture

Rightouse cover bruh, how do i pre-order tho??, i never done it before.... so im lost, help??
patbox88's picture

Maninderjit's picture

DJ Busy said Horn Synth was a feature for someone else....
Maninderjit's picture

tehpapasmurf's picture

Such a boss cover Anybody know if Horn Synth will be on the album?
KHANA9E's picture

Loving the new album cover, just like your choice with Chuck Anderson one. Who is it Martin Creed?
Garcon's picture

It seems like Lupe's trying to step up his mainstream game, but it being Lupe, I doubt this is compromising the music any, so, by all means. It's pretty, for sure. Just different from the last two.
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

You deserve my money Lupe. I will buy your album. Real recognizes real. TRIPLE OG'Z TOLD ME TO TEACH BRO ;)
KeralaMC's picture

so simple...yet so powerful...
LExZ's picture

SoAfrica's picture

Ça déchire !!!!!! Awesome!
515representative's picture

3.8.11 gonna be epic
sicknick45's picture

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers will be huge beyond anything we coulda asked for!!!
IKIUSIHI's picture

i just seen that within the lasers the a is in an o so it also speels losers :) i love you lupe keep it up! by the way i'm mad sick on photoshop so hit me up about anything you need even if it's just an idea :) i'll prove to you how much fans love you!!!!


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