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"Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]

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  • "Words I Never Said" ft. Skylar Grey [Audio]
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    February 01, 2011
    Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!
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Busy's picture
on February 01, 2011
Produced by Alex Da Kid. Lupe Fiasco's new album"Lasers" album in stores March 8th! FNF UP!!!


Mr. I never said's picture

Love the song!! March 8th def going to b at the album release party in NY on the 7th!!!!
CP's picture

WINS + Beats by dr dre lets you hear every beat the way its supposed to be heard. Love this track
TLS's picture

ahhh lupe thats what im talking about! can't wait for lasers and food and liquor 2!! fnf up!
SHaDoWByRD's picture

Lasers comes out on my birthday, great gift Lupe! Even if it though it wasn't intentional haha
AJS's picture

The worlds that i never said will expose me as the person i truely have come to become in the world of hate. When the world switches its exposed souls and change for a better truer outcome of happiness and wellbeing and educated minded of followers will the follow become the hollow insides of the outsiders? If one doesn't follow anyone how can she become a follower or does she become the followee or perhaps let everyone see her soul for what it is and become amazed when lupe fasico speaks "REAL" on his track and then exposed the soul of his most never spoken words that she just wrote about in this easy, but far beyond thought process of her thoughts she spoke on this track? Huh if one doesn't understand do they just judge and being understood of stood under the life of light for a littler while until the light comes to life of the underground earth shaking of an earthquake or the rain of a snow shower that might make life become threatened?????? I ask you if one man does the deeds of one dog does she belong to him? or is she forever found?
KANDAY's picture

He just does it again and again. Anyone who's not a fan of this is not a fan of TRUTH. #FNFUP
Esoteric's picture

Based on the lyrical content of this song, Lupe has got to be a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul 2012!
Jeremiah D's picture

Tif's picture

WHAT NEWs IS HIDDEN THAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE HEARD. How much is being HIDDEN THAT really MATTERS. DONT STRUGGLE TO BE ON TOP you wont ever get there, , by staying at the bottom no one can bring you down. I have my crown . So i just stay here. I stick around watching everyone climb the mountain . whar they found was a big fountain and they all started drowning . fighting for the top when it was only water they were after. Tried to tell them. it was all around them. They couldnt see the top cuz there wasnt ever a fountain. Just water all around the bottom of the mountain . What was it they were climbing for. up the water fountain not knowing the fountain came from the mountain. So the mountain was just a mountain and the top was all around them, In the water that drown them.
R.V's picture

i cant stop bumpin to this track... great job LUPE!!!
Prada's picture

I want to buy this track NOW xD
fms_twisted_2's picture

This song is so BEAST!!!! This is one of the many reasons why i like lupe fiasco!!!
kyrellk's picture

thank you for your realness...
The Kick Push Kid's picture

IamAkI's picture

Its so loud..inside my head. Man, this song got me thinkin... It's beautiful and strong. It's powerful enough to strike movements and strike down Speechless Come to cleveland...we need you. AkI
Bianca Christine's picture

Wow.... this is LOVE. Your growth is massive and the knowledge is unmatchable. Continue to shine and NEVER shut up. Bianca
Dev_Laney8's picture

ive been listenin to this now stop.....we gotta make him go platinum
Law.'s picture

Cant stop listening to it.
JJayinApe's picture

L'instrumental toujours dans ma tête. Trés bon boulot Lupe ! Le théme est tout bonnement parfait like Japanese Cartoon
amirah's picture

enjoying the song so much! I appreciate it. LASERS. can't wait! :-)
LUPEthelyricalgenius24's picture

Honestly, chills get sent through my entire body whenever i listen to any Lupe song. He raps about stuff that other rappers dont even know about. He is like the confucius of rap, no of modern day. he just chooses rap and music as a way of expressing his philosophical thoughts and opinions. "peace, and much love to ya"
ChrisVeinteCinco's picture

Amazing song Lupe! You never dissapoint! Keep doing you man!
ChrisKeegan's picture

except for the line about obama...outstanding
ELLEBEE's picture

so HOT!!!
Alien's picture

Shit that he said, Shit that he said All that he said is in my head.... "Words I never said" Huh What.... Call the police there another KILLA on the loose. WOW! Do the masses still get upset when you say what they are afraid to say or do they expect it from you by now. POW BANG POP the sound of a million brain cases opening. Do the damn thang like you do. Love it & Living it.
Hijabiii Noorah's picture

You never fail nor disappoint ! Lupe Fiasco, you're the leader of this generation. You provoke me and others to act and promote rather then sit around and mope ! LASERS should be itttt !
kookabura3's picture

Since Lupe tells it like it is, he will never get the attention he deserves, so it is up to us to go out, buy his music and spread the word like wildfire, otherwise his energy and genius will get wasted for the most part
The Black Rose's picture

LUPE!!!!!! I can do nothing but continuously praise the most high for blessing you with the ability to articulate your life over record!!!!!!! Lupe Fiasco... a name given to self out of ignorance yet it fits so perfectly because that's what you are to these agent Smith's my man "A great fail"... But I wouldn't have it any other way for if man was in a like mind with all one is doing then one should reconsider one's steps... As they judge slamming gavel you are earning points of love and favor and the eyes of He who matters most!!!!!!! Gloves off my brother!!!!!!! I will be purchasing this album 2 or 3 times just as I've done the past 2!!!!!!!!! Keep them coming family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -John Rich
Crystalinna's picture

All the Silence is worst than all the Violence
jr777's picture

can i buy this song already?


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