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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Amina Malik's picture

The Show Goes On, because before this album was released, everything in my life was spinning out of control, but when I listened to this song a few times, it actually impacted me in such a way that I now feel like nothing bad ever happened.
Trefoil's picture

"Go Go Gadget Flow" because he does flow pretty tight on that track: "Hey hey don't hate on me My tank on full your tank on e Look good on you look good on me Cause I'm a go and never gon s-t-o-p" Or "Heat under the Babyseat" as it is a testament to the times we live in and how accessible they are. Also how quickly they impact everyone's life.
jeezy's picture

Gold Watch. Lyrics show he's just a regular dude with hobbies and interests. The difference is he can rap about them better than anyone else.
sstrombe's picture

Hurt Me Soul... powerful meaning behind one of his best flows ever. Enough said.
Loren515's picture

Beautiful Lasers- Because it just hits so hard. I can listen to that song all day, but its hard to pick just one Lupe Fiasco song he's the greatest rapper
mcclains's picture

Kick Push Volume 2. It has been my favorite Lupe song since I first got into you and bought Food and Liquor in 2006 It's my favorite because it is so real. It shows the courage and strength so many youths display, but go unnoticed. I also enjoy it because it shows there are things out there that people can turn to that don't destroy our society to take our minds off of things (skateboarding in this case).
timeisalock's picture

Not an easy decision, but it would have to be "Dumb it down" because the lyrics are real and not many people have the cojones to be real. Plus the beat is sick.
Ohgollyitsmagaly's picture

Superstar Because the beat is nice and mellow. Its very catchy and i really like his all the versus of the song
ankrah2481's picture

he say she say because that jont speaks to my life like thats how it is for me and that hit me hard.
teamafrosamura's picture

My favorite lupe fiasco song is little weapon. Because it takes you on a mental journey through Africa and the troubles violence has inflicted upon kids that you usually never hear about in America. That is why it's my favorite Lu Fiasco song.
watsonu's picture

Kick push is my fav, lyrics are awesome cause it's about people trying to find their place in a world where they're unwanted, its really good.
TheTarekKhalil's picture

I've listened to Lupe even when noone knew about him, ever since the song "Daydreamin" and "kickpush" I fell in love with him. He's real and he actually talks about life instead of pussy money and weed like every other rapper. Lasers is my all time favorite album from any artists because it's so different just like him. I can relate to his songs and his lyrics because he really is real! I love Lupe Fiasco, you're great man! Keep it up. There's no all time favorite song from Lupe for me, because each one of his songs is great and different form each other in it's own way. Some of my favorites are Kick Push, Beautiful Lasers, Never Forget You (which I had my family play at my grandpa's funeral) and Solar Midnite. Lupe Fiasco is just amazing. I think he is better than Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz, and all the other rappers. He should record a song with Eminem since they're both so real!
Ryanumd's picture

Words I Never Said - The things Lupe says makes so much sense and a lot of people including me can relate to it plus the music video is badass "I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit Just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets How much money does it take to really make a full clip"
MH59's picture

My favorite song of Lupe's would have to be till i get there. That is my favorite because the lyrics really speak to me and have a lot to do with my life. The chorus especially. This song deserves more attention and I think if that got the attention that it deserves it would be a big hit for Lupe.
Tim Martin's picture

A Bathing Harry because the first time I heard it I loved it and it got me into the rest of his songs.
chinfona's picture

Hurt Me Soul. Not only is it a masterpiece musically, it is also a lyrical masterpiece. It paints not only a very good story for the listener to envision, but it also creates a very real image of situations that people find themselves in everyday. Hurt Me Soul is one of many songs that Lupe produced that takes a step away from the rap that people believe define "today's rap" which consists of only speaking about sex, drugs, killing, and being "hood."
jaybo561's picture

Words I Never Said...cause SOMEBODY had to say it!!
BabyGirl's picture

my favorite Lupe song is "words I never said" because it reminds me of past relationships and makes me think about the things I should of said to that person and why i didn't. I love this song and when I hear it I blast it and think of all of the regrets I have for the "words I never said".
JDavs9's picture

Hurt Me Soul. This is one of Lupe's best songs in my opinion. He describes what minorities go through in the US. Lupe is the best lyrically and I believe he is more than just a rap artist. He is a hero.
hanazy's picture

Never Lies w/ Mike Shinoda I just love the way you tell the story in verse, the way you describe the character, the humanity and insanity combined in one. Shinoda's soft spoken chorus gives so much feeling to the song as well. One of my favorite songs altogether.
Beaz1624's picture

"Dumb it Down". Really talks about what you're tryin' to do. Keep doin' it.
jthemessage's picture

my favorite Lupe song is put u on game from the cool i like this track because he talks about all about the human race and how bad we can get
Sirage Ideen's picture

"The Emperor's Soundtrack" cause its got so much passion & heart in the lyrics, and a beat that can match that, to me, this is Fiasco's best song only followed by "Touch the Sky"
MasterB's picture

I have to pick Daydreamin ft. Jill Scott, because that was the most impressive live moment I ever experienced in my whole life!!!
a2dap's picture

My favorite song is "The Cool" from food and Liquor because it's so vivid... When I heard that my first thought was that "Wow, this dude is lyrically the dopest MC I've heard in a long time, this song is like a motion picture that I can watch in my head, full detail!"... I would like to have seen a video for that one though... Stay up Lupe, they afraid of our real leaders, so fear nothing!
LoudSweatersMatchingShoes's picture

Definitely going old school: "Comin' From Where I'm From," off Revenge of the Nerds. #fnf
ThatGuyMoH's picture

My favourite song is Words I Never Said. Why? Because it's so true and meaningful. It has ambitions for our future. One day the world will listen! Thank you Lupe! Keep up the work!
Mr.Jack's picture

State Run Radio. You can't go wrong with a catchy hook and an insightful message.
outspoken0505's picture

Shining down, because it reminds me for someone. (:
cyanyellowmagenta's picture

Hmm. Have multiple favorites, but one is "Go Baby". It's just such a joyous song but is soulful at the same time. Really want a poster!


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