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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Ivis's picture

Words I Never Said, It's a great reminder to not hold back to not let yourself live life without regrets. Whether it's being too politically correct in what you say or not doing the things you truly want to do.
LittleWeapon's picture

"Dumb it Down" The song shows Lupe's artistic integrity. He will not compromise lyrical content in order to make hits. In fact, he does the complete opposite by making hits utilizing incredible lyricism.
darksage000's picture

Little Weapon- I have been really involved in the child soldier issue in Africa, mainly Uganda, after seeing the Invisible Children "Rough Cut" documentary. The song has one verse talking about this exact problems which was really touching and Lupe is one of the few artists to actually go and make a song talking about this problem. Also the song goes on to talk about many other problems not just elsewhere in the world but here in the U.S. too. "You think you gangsta' popped a few rounds, these kids will come through and murder a whole town" I really like this line because it's a screw you in the face of all these "gangstas" who think they are so cool and scary by waving a gun around in someone's face, when on the other side of the world there are 6-7 year old kids who are going through and are forced to kill a dozens of people. The song also compares the lifestyle of kids when it comes to violence in different parts of the world. In Africa there are kids being brainwashed into killing sometimes even their family. While in the U.S. the kids are addicted to these games which make war look so glorious which it is far from.
BFree's picture

I have a multitude of favorite tracks from Lupe but at the moment my fave would have to be All Black Everything. Ive always admired the integrity and social awareness of his lyrics and this song enbodies much of that for me. Especially like the fact that it paints a vivid picture of what the world would be like without the sting of racism and injustice towards african americans. Very insightful, inspirational, and beautiful sampling of the "I'll Be Seeing You" Jazz Standard as well. I LOVE LUPE!!!! :-)
astay's picture

my favorite lupe song is - Coming Up God will never put you places where you don't belong , realist and truest words you can ever hear . PROUD TO BE A LASER !!!
Orangeman21's picture

SLR is my favorite song, though its a really hard choice since all of them are so great. The reason is that Lu goes all out on it.
tomtom119's picture

My Favorite song by Lupe Fiasco is "Words I Never Said". This song is my favorite because Lu raps about real problems in the world. Whereas other rappers are all on the subjects of "pussy, money, and weed." These things are not more important than actual problems such as the ones you portray in this song making it worthy of not only my most preferable song by you, but my favorite song in general.
Daglove's picture

Favorite Fiasco song is definitely "The Emperor's Soundtrack" because Lupe's flow and lyrics are amazing plus a sick beat, how can you not like it?
Miharbi21's picture

Hurt Me Soul. Its not super deep but it gets it's point across. It tells of the hardships, the trials, and the tribulations that most people living on Earth face. It also gives insight on how Lupe wasn't all into rap at first. and how he came to like it. " All the world's ills, sitting on chrome 24-inch wheels."
zbenear's picture

My favorite lupe song has gotta be beautiful lasers cause the I feel like sometimes I put myself in that position, where I doubt myself more than I should. This song came out around the time I really felt like shit, and it helped me realize what I was doing to myself.
kwysong's picture

Streets On Fire. Very catchy. enjoy the meaning behind it, great song to listen to when you're just hanging out and his live performance of it wasn't half bad either!
jennybmc's picture

"daydreamin" is probably my favorite song. It was the first song I listened to and realized...I'm hooked. I am a teacher in the inner city and I always hope my students listen to your music (particularly this song) so that they can listen to what real hip-hop can do for people instead of creating more hype on materialism and things that will not help their lives.
Maryam Chowder's picture

"Hurt Me Soul" I am amazed with this song only because the beat and "OUT OF THIS WORLD" lyrics combined, allow me to relate so well to not only the song lyrics, but Lupe Fiasco himself. I used to hate hip hop, yep because the woman degraded.
kahzee's picture

Hurt Me Soul and Paris, Tokyo. For "Hurt Me Soul", you're expressing and sharing the pain of the people are experiencing today. You're pretty much speaking out for those that fit in the song also. For "Paris, Tokyo", I think you were giving your passport a personification of a female, taking her everywhere. I could be wrong but those songs are great.
eman's picture

Never forget you because i have lost many family memebers in my life and all i did was smoke or something to forget but when i heard this song it just made me cry but really happy
Kashi's picture

"Glory" This song depicts the issues with war and how the media glorifies it, as well as the reasons and intentions behind war. Also references how difficult it can be to voice your opinion on touchy subjects without being portrayed as a villain, and how it's even more difficult to rebel against things such as war and other issues glorified by the media. That's why I love it. :)
danah224's picture

Favorite Lupe song is "Intruder". The song paints a picture and you feel the emotion through his lyrics. Lupe has the best lyricism of any musician out there. He let's you live in his thoughts through the pictures he paints in his music.
Jolivette.Blake's picture

Gold Watch. He methodically goes through each of his personal favorites, many of which are considered 'lame' by today's 'in' crowd. However, eschewing normal modernistic culture, he confidently delves into a world of comic books, foreign designers, and his ever-present gold-watch, making all of them, for lack of a better term, cool.
Alibaba731's picture

Aw man that's a tough one. I'd have to say my favorite is "Till I get there" because out of all of his songs, this one fits me the most. Especially at this time in my life where, for the first time, "Imma do me" and always remember the person I am and where I came from.
lankydane's picture

Hurt Me Soul...It has always been one of my favorites. It tells of everything wrong with the world. Lu tells us about his introduction of hip hop. The song includes my favorite quote ever.."All the worlds ills, sittin on chrome 24" wheels." It doesn't get much better than this.
J-Bird's picture

"Words I never said" is probably my favorite thus far simply because it is so applicable to the apathetic and complacent nature of Americans. Sure we always gripe about things but when is the last time we have really acted out against governmental indecency. Even on a smaller scale people are afraid to speak their mind about person to person mishaps.
Katie's picture

Sunshine - it reminds me of the start of my relationship :)
itsimiimmi's picture

Definitely "Hurt me soul"..such a great message, and really stands up for what hip hop should be about. amidst all the other rap that degrades women and has such a negative meaning, its so refreshing to hear a positive message in a song.
pmayor's picture

My favorite Lupe songs are And He Gets The Girl and Hurt Me Soul. The honesty and truth in those songs show how Hip Hop used to be and still can be. Lupe gives hope for those who care more about making it out through intellect and hard work, rather than being a D boy or banger. Lupes keeping hip hop alive. LASERS!!!
mcb3's picture

letting go it is my favorie because it made me realize that i dont have to hold on to all of my bad memories. that i can change and make a difference. that i can let go all of the wrong things i've done and make them right.
CElkins0011's picture

My favorite song by Lupe would have to be Hip Hop Saved My Life off of the Cool. He is the best lyrical rapper in the game and uses his talent to tell a great and inspirational story. Thats what I love most about Lupe. Every song has a meaning. Every word is there for a reason. No filler, all killer!
danielhirsch's picture

my favorite song on Lasers is All Black Everything. I feel this is the best song on Lasers because it has meaning in the song and Lupe speaks his mind and thoughts about the way he feels, its a great song and has allot of meaning to it.
stewardessinthelear's picture

I guess doing this multiple times cant hurt my chances of winning. next: 'Instrumental' will always be a favorite because it's the song that turned me onto Lupe and I've never turned back since, still remember the exact moment I heard that song
Corleone980's picture

The Show Goes On, because of the nice Hook the great video the great verses and because you are making real hip-hop much love from germany :)
Andy Kramer's picture

The Show Goes On - A. The beat is nasty B. The message is brilliant, no matter what happens the show goes on. This song, in particular, has been a source of motivation for me the last couple of weeks. A lot of issues / problems have arose in my life recently and this song has been a nice retreat / calming influence / eye opener; it has grounded me and made me realize that no matter what happens, you must press on. You the man Lupe...keep doin you!


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