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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


mikemcginn7's picture

My name is Mike, and when "I'm Beamin'" first came out, I had just started my summer job as a midnight-6 A.M. janitor at a gym. Wasalu's words colored in the lines of my life story (came from a small town but accomplished big things, oppressed by many small minds because of my food allergy), and when I heard this melody, a fire was rekindled in me. I went and applied for jobs for hours before I rode the bus home after my shift every day (I'm a pre-med student), and sure enough, I got a very high-profile job taking care of intensive care unit patients. Lupe basically got me into medical school, and every day that summer, I'd walk out of work, loosen up the tie, put on my shades, and sing out loud..."They said my future was dark / see me now / just look around / I'M BEAMIN'"! Now they care, and I truly have this song to thank for that little extra mental boost that beautiful music can bring.
laserhunaid's picture

favorite song has to be put you on game! lupe has a way with words that makes me read lyrics like im reading a book!
OC11's picture

Currently....."State Run Radio" - I have been around the globe and witnessed firsthand various forms of propaganda that are attempts to brainwash citizens. Anti-West, Anti-Islam, Pro-government, etc. But the song does recognize that the media of the US champions music that is the least disruptive to the established order. Want an example? Compare the Youtube views of "Show Goes On" vs. "Words I Never Said." I understand the latter is a newer video, yet it took the former almost a fraction of the time to reach the 1 mil mark.
Throwback's picture

Of course it's hard to choose one, but I have always said hip-hop has saved my life is up there as one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever. It brings light back to the real reason for hip-hop. It is a lifestyle, and has helped so many people, it is putting real life and struggles to music. For those people who say hip-hop is dead, I think Lupe disproves that, and this song proves that.
mike_4's picture

Hard to choose but if I had to it'd have to be ALL BLACK EVERYTHING One of many favorites! No doubt. Sick beat, meaningful lyrics. But I haven't heard a Lupe Fiasco song I didn't like, and I don't plan on it.
waleed's picture

Favorite lupe song is Till I Get There, the song is very inspirational, calming, and it thought me to look at things positively and being real at the same time. it is one of these songs that makes you want to be a better version of yourself, and be hopeful that you will eventually get there, of course I might hit some downs and bumps, but I’ll Get There. I hope you release this song as one of you singles Lupe. And am a big fan from a far away land, I hope you come to Abu Dhabi or Dubai one day and perform for us. Am going to be honest with you, I usually don’t buy music online, but you’re the only one that I bought all three albums, to humbly support you and what you believe in an artistic matter, and bring out all the realness that every one ignores. I hope I get the poster Lupe, so I can brag about it to my friends, and don’t forget you have a BIG fan base here!
missashnycole's picture

"Fighters" because it got me through an emotionally abusive 3yr relationship. The Cool is one of those albums that changed my life.
foofan987's picture

Also "Daydream" has so much soul, so inventive of a beat and rhythm combined with his lyrics make your hair stand on end. Rolling around the Chicago blasting this song has been a Summer tradition of mine for years now.
iAmMartinJ's picture

My favorite song by Lupe Fiasco is Letting Go (Feat. Sarah Green) (Produced by The Future) because of the mixing and effects used on the vocals, his lyrical content, the way he featured Sarah Green because he didn't just have her sing a chorus and then rap 3 verses, he worked her vocals into the song to compliment what he came up with. And the production was awesome. Lupe really wrote something that fit the mood and feeling of the intrumental, from the chorus to each verse and the third verse where he switched his melody it was amazing. So for those reasons, "Letting Go" is my favorite Lupe Fiasco song.
williepep's picture

This one for me is easy, while I love the coolest, all black everything (esp. the first verse), and He say she say, for me its "and he gets the girl". It reminds me of the first time I asked a chick out. Me and my big glasses trying to talk to one of the poplar chicks. I had confidence issues and I remember the moment sounding just like the dude in the first verse. The first time I heard this song I laughed like hell, I was like "yo that was me singing the choirs trying to holla at old girl Lupe is crazy for this one. So for me fav song by Lupe.
boldy93's picture

The Instrumental. The meaning and everything behind it. Lupe is a beast!
kaka702's picture

My Favorite song Is 'Fighters' the lyrics are awesome and the beats confuse my feelings lol, when I hear that song I don't know whether to feel happy or sad. that's the song I listen to when i wanna relax and just think about life and stuff. most of your songs inspire me and I thank you for that!.
mynameisdtothej's picture

The Instrumental. So real, a song that takes some thinking but very relatable.
Jessica_2's picture

Difficult to choose, love the whole album! Coming Up is my ringtone...tehe. But I think I would choose The Show Goes on as it is the first one of the album I heard and loved it straight away :)
AlanysizLIVE's picture

SuadF's picture

My favorite song would have to be "Paris, Tokyo" because it makes me remember why I'm trying to hard because hopefully one day i'll be able to travel aboard. :)
stolle's picture

Hello Lupe, my favorite song is "I don't wanna care right now" feat. MDMA. The refrain is very melodic and fresh and your rap-parts give the song an amazing note. :)
WhiteVick07's picture

My all-time favorite Lupe song is Daydreamin'. No matter how many times you hear it, no matter what mood you're in, Daydreamin' will always play to the point to where it seems as if it's the first time you've heard it and that you're having a good day. Plus it's from his first album which makes it more appealing to the fact that its still is better than anything that Lil' Wayne, Drake, or Kid Cudi have put out to this day. FnF UP!
KatiaB's picture

"Dumb it Down" This is one of my favorite Lupe songs..period. Lupe is letting everyone know that he doesn't care what the critics say. "I'm fearless now hear this i'm earless" he doesn't listen to people who tell him to "dumb it down"
Maestro's picture

Words I Never Said It's the song that woke me up. It helped ignite the revolutionary in me and led me to actually get up and do something in my community. I'm actually making a difference, instead of just focusing on my future i'm looking into the future of the world. I'm making a difference and i can honestly say that that song is the reason why i wanted to. The emotion and the passion in that song is incredible. Skylar hypnotizes you with her voice while Lu entraps you with his words.
sennettph's picture

The Show Goes On- this one will never get old. It reached me at time when I needed the most. I just want to Say Thank You Lu!!
Miss.Sana's picture

One of my favourite Lupe songs is Lupe the Killer from Revenge of the Nerds mixtape because the wordplay is beyond crazy in that song and each phrase can be translated into 897624590 different meanings. However, if I had to choose a favourite Lupe song from one of his albums (which is not easy), that would be Put You on Game because it sends out a great message of the ills of society + govt in such a genius way with the use of many dope metaphors :).
tbkhang's picture

Daydreamin'- The imagery is amazing and it's one of Lupe's best live songs.
FindingMeMo's picture

Hurt Me Soul. Through this song I got to understand you better, as well as myself.
ablayegodson's picture

my favorite lupe song is between hurt me soul and lupe the killer. everything is in sync. beat lyricsim and the emotion of hurt me soul is so deep and relatable as weel
Avocado's picture

Kick Push... the whole song just makes me really happy for some reason.
siobhan's picture

My favorite song is daydreamin' its one of my favorite songs lyrically. He's a very visual and story telling artist and this song for me is for when everyone is f'n up and I feel like no one is making any sense. But with that said I will always be a "Kick push coast" girl, that song came out at the perfect time in my life and every song after. {Love Lasers its definitely part of my college collection!!}'s picture

he's not just a good songwriter, he's a good ALBUM writer and performer. I'd love to have a signed poster!
jh0720's picture

The Instrumental!
elil713's picture

Hip-Hop Saved My Life. The song same out when I was going through a rough patch in my life and it really got me through everything.


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