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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


J Da Yung Heart's picture

Gold Watch becuz its a song dat tells ppl cool is wat u make of it not wat others tell u it is, basically a song 2 promote ur individualality
DMart86's picture

My favorite song is "Till I Get There" because it helps motivate me and keep me grounded. I listen to that song and I am reminded of the big picture, my future plans\goals, and how I can't allow others to affect my positive outlook and approach to said plans\goals.
Taminder's picture

Daydreamin because it's hella chill...
Duce Bandit's picture

Hip-Hop saved my life is one of my favorite Lupe songs. The beat is amazing and the lyrics complete it perfectly. I could listen to this song all day on repeat.
Phiasco's picture

Glory, off of Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge of the Nerds. I've been following Lupe since 04 and the first time that I heard Glory it brought tears to my eyes, I almost broke down. I was going through a really rough time in my life and that song helped me through it. Not only did it help me through it but it inspired me to become a better person. It made me decide to be a more active human being. It made me drop listening to ear candy and develop a taste for food for thought. It made me open my eyes and realize that we are in a simulated reality controlled by our government. Any time I'm feeling down I listen to that song and it brings me right back up to myself. It still remains my favorite song to this day. I made countless friends sit down and listen to it while reading the lyrics in hopes that they would feel the same way as me. Through all of it though, it helped me realize that when you are intelligent and enlightened that all you want to do is spread that same feeling of peace, love, & understanding, but sadly, you can show people water, but can't make them drink it. It even inspired me to become an artist myself, and I know one day Lu and I will work together, but until that day...I'm going to respect the position I play, never letting my heart reflect the conditions in which I stay.
medion422's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life because it shows us where he came from and it was the first song i ever heard by Lupe Fiasco
listentotwig's picture

I gota go with 'All Black Everything' (off fitting) because it takes a very brave man to put racism in it's place like that and one of the main themes of the album is not letting fear control us. It pays homage to what Lupe is all about. Awesome track, off an awesome album. Twig
_SHiFT's picture

I'm Beamin' is absolutely genius. The very epitome of lyricism; the amount of clever word-play, puns and double/triple-entendres have made it a remarkable track.
haris's picture

Muhammad Walks- Its my favorite songs because im muslim and your talking about the real life events muslims go through and stating who they really are and what they live for. Also the lyrics are genius and just goes together, overall amazing song
reddogsquad's picture

Although his best song is probably Daydreaming, I'm gonna choose my favorite as Failure. It is the epitome of a misnomer. It is so lyrically loaded that each time I try to decipher it, I find new meanings and allusions. The lack of a top-tier chorus (see: All Black Everything, Fighters, Hip-Hop Saved My Life, etc.) is overshadowed by its impeccable lyrical content. It is the reason I began to realize that Lupe is in the Top 3 of all time. If only there were more rappers like Lupe, then we (being the average audience) might be able to see that "rappers" like Wacka Flocka, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Soulja Boy (the list goes on...) are completely ruining the hip-hop industry. Props to Lupe on my favorite, Failure. I cannot wait for TGARA.
NuLuFan's picture

Favorite songs right now are: American Terrorist, He Say She Say, Kick Push 2, Little Weapon, Words I Never Said and Hip Hop Saved My Life. Out of the titles I listed if I had to choose I would say American Terrorist is my #1 favorite because the hook is compelling and draws you in and the lyrics of the entire song are so on point. I feel like more people need to really listen to this song because it is so relevant in our society today so we don't end up making the same mistakes.
BeEazy's picture

also I'm 100% positive that if you just sold posters, you would make bank. Why does nowhere carry them?
truthat11's picture

colby10s's picture

definitly never forget you because it gets me through my toughest days and it makes me think of all the important people in my life that have died and how they still are in my life
ahmedabuyasein's picture

"all black everyting" this song speaks so much on how things could of been or still could be if we could just change our way of living nd change he says the way things couldve been years ago and him pointing it out just makes us realize how our society couldve ben different nd how we could make it different...plz send me one im a big fan
andres3's picture

the show goes on is the best!!! because it pumps me up when i hear it(everyday)
jimmydeez's picture

"Never Forget You" Ft. John Legend. This song just exudes brilliance. John Legend + Lupe's lyrical talents equals a timeless Masterpiece. It's these kinds of songs that will last through the ages because it's so genuine. It relates to everyone of where they came from and to never forget it and take it for granted. This song is just pure genius and I'll never get tired of listening to it.
tdotelshine's picture

the show goes on - i mainly like this track because it's the most fun song to listen and rap/sing along to. it's the most upbeat song, so when i need something to bring my mood up, i listen to this song. what i do like about the other songs on the album are the true meanings behind the lyrics. hardly anyone is brave enough to incorporate serious issues of the world into their songs. i would say 90% of the rappers these days rap about the same tiring, materialistic things. lupe fiasco is his own unique artist because he chooses to rap in ways to make people aware of the real issues. critics say he's too negative, but somebody needs to open our eyes to the corruptness of this world. he's only being honest, and that's what i most admire about him.
lilpequeaz's picture

To say I just have one favorite song I'd be lying. To me da whole Food & Liquor album is made up of dope songs which makes it my favorite Lupe album, but if I have to choose my favorite song on that album it would have to be "Sunshine". When ever I have a bad day I just play that over and over and I feel good. Even when I was pregnant I would put my headphones on my tummy and I could feel my baby move like if she was dancing inside of me. Maybe that's why she's a big Lupe fan she sings his songs and makes me repeat his cd over and over ;)
TheCoolest2011's picture

My favorite Lupe fiasco song ...i have so many lol i hate to narrow it down to just one but....if i had 2 chose one it would prolly be "American terrorist" . Its one of those songs that makes you want to open your ears up and listen 2 what this man is saying. "Now if a Muslim woman strapped with a bomb on the bus with the seconds running give you the jitters Just imagine An American -based Christian organization Planning to poison water supplies to bring the second coming quicker" The first time i heard those lines it gave me the chills like wow....hes touching down on ALL topics hes not holding back at all. Thats what i love about Wasulu hes not afraid to say whats on his mind. Hes human and humble enough to care about what some people might think but..hes man enough to say it anyway and deal with the ridicule of the public later. Lupe saved hip hip a long time ya eyes.
Ev-Dog's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is "Kick, Push", because it's about a guy who just wants to skateboard. Nothing else, no drugs no violence, just skateboarding. When I listen to the song, it reminds me of ice skating, because I'm an avid hockey player. Lupe, Foreva!
Ev-Dog's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is "Kick, Push", because it's about a guy who just wants to skateboard. Nothing else, no drugs no violence, just skateboarding. When I listen to the song, it reminds me of ice skating, because I'm an avid hockey player. Lupe, Foreva!
Jac's picture

Say she say. Was driving with my brother pretending to look out the window so he wouldn't notice the tears. Turns out he was doing the same. My go-to song. Lu's our guy.
bsanny's picture

Yo my favorite Lupe Fiasco song would have to be "Daydreamin ft Jill Scott" off the FOOD & LIQUOR album because Lupe expresses great emotion with his verses and the chorus with Jill Scott is majestic. Great album, great song.
james451995's picture

MY favorite has to be "Fighters" because I think not only it explains how someone like me and others who are not appreciated for the good but criticized for the lack of negativity. I think this is kind of how Lupe feels in the rap game today also cause everyone wants the truth but no one accepts and wants to hear it. I really, really like the tribute to his family too. I also think that Fighters was like the prelude to the end of his career if LUP END came out instead of Lasers. To me Fighters is also how i feel because you dont know how hard it is to be a big Lupe Fiasco fan in a New Jersey high school lol.
Gsperez's picture

Man there are a lot of good ones, but i'm gonna have to say my favorite is "Kick, Push". I was flipping through the channels after school one day and flipped past the BET channel when I saw a dude skate boarding. I was like what the heck?! So, I went back to the channel and watched the rest of the video. That was the first time that I had ever heard of Lupe Fiasco. I fell in love with song. After watching it I pulled out my little ghetto flip phone and logged onto the T-Mobile store and bought the "Kick, Push" ring tone on my cell phone for $4.99 plus tax. Back then I usually didn't buy ring tones either, because they were expensive as heck! In fact up until that point I had only bought one other one. But none of that mattered because it turned out to be the best $4.99 plus tax that i would ever spend. I must have played that 20 second ring tone like a million times! Shoot but I never got tired of it. Who would have known that just flipping through the channels one day after school would lead me to finding my favorite rapper ever! P.S. - I just saw you perform live in concert this past weekend at the New Orleans Jazz Fest! It was freaking awesome!
brenda094's picture

My favorite song is "Outta My Head". I love that song :D Great song with Trey Songz(:
DJhuggybear's picture

Hard to choose a favorite, but the one that hits home the most is "He Say, She Say" because coming up without a father is something I can relate to. Either that or "We On" because that song goes hard, and me and buddy jam to it on the daily haha.
ccal08's picture

Gotta be Beautiful Lasers (2 ways). Lupe said that on this album there were some songs he loved, some he liked, and some he just had to do. My guess is he just had to do this one. His lyrics are 100% true and genuine. There are literally millions of people who feel the same way. Its an ugly and blunt truth buts its exactly how he felt at one point.
WisconsinLASER's picture

CONFLICT DIAMONDS Part of the problem with this country is the glamorization of ghetto living, things, drugs and violence. This song paints a VIVID picture of what it is really like when drugs and violence rule your life. Blood Diamonds are nothing to mess with, and the children who run around parts of Africa with guns bigger than they are, destroy villages and families are nothing to mess with either. So for anyone out there who thinks they are the biggest gangster in the world because you carry around a pistol in your sock, and you smoke weed daily....YOU'RE NOT!!!! There are kids half you age who do twice the amount of evil you do....and its nothing to be proud of. Be postive part of a book, play a sport, gain knowledge and use it to better our world!


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