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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Logic's picture

my favorite song would have to be intruder alert because he tells the story of everyday ppl and it makes me appreciate the things i have now
Dee Moore's picture

Favorite Lupe song has to be Hip Hop Saved My Life. Great story told inside a fantastic song. This song by far was my favorite song played in concert.
scottilew's picture

My #1 Lupe song is Fighters. This song makes me think about my life. Wanting to disappear from my pain, making me think back to not having my father in my life, making me think of all the failures that I've had, and people I've lost in my life. What am I here for? What am I fighting for? Why do I go through all the pain and sadness? "Is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money? The world?" This song brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it because it's genuine. And then I think...I can change this. I'm a fighter. Through all the downfall, I can make it through to be something that no one else has ever been: a survivor. This isn't a song that can be played without you thinking about yourself and your life. With God and my heart, I can make it. Why? Because I'm a fighter and I will fight to the end. Even if I don't win a poster, I just wanted to let everyone reading this know that this song means everything to me and helps me to want to wake up every morning to fight through it all again.
I_hear_ya_Lu's picture

Dear Lupe, Trying to boil down which song is my favorite is, of course, very difficult, so I'll choose one of my top 3 and and explain why. As you said in your other song, "fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despite it," and it takes courage to link child soldiers with the slippery slope of violence in video games, but you did masterfully it in "Little Weapon." Not only is the beat impeccable and the lyrics clever and cutting, it further demonstrates your intelligence and compassion about situations abroad, as well as at home. Two others that come to mind are Dumb It Down, which, the way I read it, was the much needed 'fuck you' to the negative side of mainsteam rap, and...I am just gonna have to go with The Words I Never Said. That song/video/manifesto is running through my head constantly, not only for the quality of the song, but the message that I take to heart everytime i listen to/read it. So yah, as my username makes clear I hear ya, Lu. I hope you read this. Forever a Laser, Andrew V
Kmarie's picture

OK i would of pick "words i never said " but alot of people have chosen that so Iam going to be different and choose "STATE RUN RADIO " the first time i listen to this song i was giggling because its the truth !!!!!!! its not just the news that corrupted its the radio too .. people just dont relize it ..they only make you hear what you want to hear and i think its redic people these days control way to much stuff i feel like this song is sorta my response to "words i never said ' lupe fiasco is the most uplifted rapper ever i feel in love with "STATE RUN RADIO " when i heard it turn on the news what do you hear ?? or even the radio , and why dosent the US let noam chomsky have his freedom of speech ? enough said
afanofgoodmusic's picture

Words i never said is his best song and video yet...its the truth everyone thinks it but noone will say it. Lupe you need to come back to BONNAROO!!!
NL4President's picture

My favorite song hands down is Intruder Alert....i mean it takes skill to rap a picture and thats what he did i could visualize everything that he said....DEEPEST LUPE SONG EVA
Jestoniisabeast's picture

My favorite song is "words i never said" from the lasers album. It speaks to me, because i like how Lu incorprates politics and realworld stuff in his music, What a beast!
MOE's picture

jstachler's picture

The Cool. Because it isn't.
Corbalz's picture

Lupe my favorite song is "Happy Industries" because it is just dope. Everything fits together and it is a chill, laid back song. Keep up the good work my man!
e.j 20's picture

oh and also that song means alot to me prsonly beacuse ilove music so much and i am growing up ina simular situwation as that kid and just the meaning of the song is so amazing and means so much to me.
e.j 20's picture

hip hop has saved my life is my favorite song....... That song means so much to me....Thanks lupe keep making music man ur amazig and mean your music meas the world to me
DAILYnightly's picture

damnnn....geezz....the world is so cold, im glad i brought these skies! ima computer information systems major n everytime i get it they move it so im never keepin up enough! school is on some bullsh*t, my future is the first to go with budget cuts, while the tuition keeps on goin up, what the f**k! so ima keep cool n ima do me, it is what it is n thats how its gonna be! peace love n was me boiiiiiy.....ya digggggg...................that picture would straight on the wall!!!!! pow! -DAILYnightly-
Chillax's picture

A Bathing Harry from "A Rhyming Ape" mixtape: As Lupe says in the song "It's more that just rhyming. I'm doin 'bout nine things." I love the word play and double entendres throughout. The Gorillaz beats coupled with Lupe's lyrical style mesh effortlessly with each other. Addititionally something about the meter Lupe uses get me pumped up everytime I listen. The songs a masterpiece, on a mixtape no less!
RoyalRamirez's picture

After listening to words i never said over and over, and over again it's quickly becoming my favorite song.
zayna93's picture

I would like to say many songs are my favorites but my recent favorite song would be Words I Never Said. This song really shows what society has become and if no one is willing to begin changing it then it will not. This song shows the lies, deceit, the hate we live with and all the misconceptions that interfere. Being a young Muslim girl in the U.S. Lupes songs really help me believe that there are people who don't believe in the misconceptions and look past the lies and see that we are only and all human. This song says that all the negativity can be put aside and it can get better slowly if we want it to get better.
Pinscher's picture

I have several favorites but the one that always has me coming back for more is 'The Instrumental'. To me this song demonstrates how people get so stuck on wanting certain things and can't use their own creativity to make something new for their lives. It speaks to me on a personal level because I'm trying to forge my own path to my personal success and happiness.
Chasing_The_Cool's picture

My favorite song is The Cool from Food & Liquor! I like it because of the lyrics, the beat, and the meaning, but To be honest its difficult to really say why its my favorite. Lupe is my favorite artist, and I love all his songs. It wouldn't be fair to really have a favorite song without acknowledging the genius of every song he's released. There's just something about him that gives me that feel-good feeling. I just love his music and can't wait to see him tomorrow for Fantabuloso Dos and the Summer Bash this summer for the first time!!!!!!!!!
Fabreezeflow21's picture

My favorite lupe track would have to be dumb it down because its him using his lyrical wordplay on a new level with intense metaphors, it also depicts what kind of stupid music the radio stations want these days.
Ohnayr's picture

--Beautiful Lasers-- Why? Because it depicts a part of Lupe that he has never shown to us. He may be a master lyricist, but still only human, left to deal with human emotions and situations. It's inspiring to know that he overcame such a dark point in his life, only to rise up bigger and better.
Blinktjp's picture

Top 5 favorites: 5.) I Gotcha 4.) Words I never Said 3.)Dumb It Down 2.)Kick Push 1.)The Instrumental It's really hard to pick a favorite song from Lupe lol, but I think it would have to be The Instrumental because I really feel deeply for the lyrics. People today are forgetting what 'originality' is and conforming to the ideals of society, being it something trivial as fashion or 'popularity' to being something more dreadful, like the news media. People need to learn how to think for themselves . . .That's what I say every single day when I wake up in the mornings. I feel Lupe in this song because he's put into words EXACTLY what I feel everyday when I walk around and see people brainwashed by the media. Looooove ya' Lupe! Keep your head up! : ]
snow8531's picture

Never forget you This song not only is beautiful but the lyrics are something that more people can relate to compared to other rap songs. All of your songs present a more positive and inspirational message than most main stream music. Tha'ts why i love not just this song but all of your songs,
SickenedSwaGxG's picture

Words I Never Said This song explains so much. The lyrics are amazing and DO speak the truth. I feel like I understand what Lupe is talking about because I feel the exact same way. Lupe is a lyrical genius. A lot of people I know lsiten to the song and simply like it because 'its tough', well know, do you know what the words of this song mean? They don't. I'm 100% with what Lupe has to say and what he believes because I can relate to it. Fuck the government, the whole world is blind by what they want us to see and not what's real. Amazing doesn't come close to describing how great this song is. Lupe has had a lot of nice music since I started getting into him in my middle school days but this one I just had to talk about..
FiascoISamazing's picture

Till i get there. Because it the song on his new album that doesn have any autotune or anything changing his voice, his lyrics are pure and the song cannot get out of my head ( LOL ) but seriously he IS FRIGGIN AMAZING!!!
muse918's picture

"Beamin" from lasers" inspirational to all who purpose and american terrorist" ...its a true long history lesson short
LupeSpeakinIt's picture

Till I Get there, I love this song its catchy and lyrically its very inspiring cause it's like no matter what mistakes you make and what the world throws at you, It is what it is and thats what it is. We all got stuff going right, going wrong. None of us have everything going the way we want it, but eventually we will get there..

My favorite song(s) (Top 10) 10. Dear Fall 9. Marty McFly 8. Conflict Diamonds 7. Dumb It Down 6. What It Do 5. I Gotcha 4. Hip Hop Saved My Life 3. Daydreaming 2. Kick Push 2 1. Put You On The Game Put you on the game because the lyrics as well as the instrumental just make me want to listen to it all day. It never gets old!!!!
tcaesar's picture

my favorite song is...c i have 2 LOL one is paris tokyo because its like the song is like big dream thats real..the words just give me a certain feeling I can't other song is kick. push c I have a old soul wen it comes to music and it puts me n a whole nother place I'm not a big rap fan but your raps r different I can relate and understand it... and this song puts me n the mind of individuals wanting to just do something they love and that wasn't understanding didnt quite c where they were coming from...I just love u and ur music.and I'm going to get my album today... :-) love always tameeka caesar!
mikekilla1223's picture

Words I Never Said Words I never said is my favorite song because it has so much insight to the world around us and it's not a rap song about something pointless it has meaning to it. Also, when Skylar Grey is featured in a great song it makes the song even better


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