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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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Busy's picture
on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Nujab3s's picture

He Say She Say. This is the type of song that narrows that large gap between us all, even if for a moment. It's easy to find yourself stuck and alone when there's shit happening between your parents and you're just a kid. This song reaches out to a lot of people. A lot of people saying their whole life is in this song. Even some people saying it helped mend their own relationships with their parents. With a beautiful beat and a powerful approach what more can you ask from one song?
yojimbodjd's picture

So many to chose a favorite; I like them all! I'll go with "Hip-Hop Saved My Life". That song's got great story-like lyrics and a wonderful hook by Nikki Jean. I could listen to it all day and still not be tired of it.
spacejam's picture

The Show Goes On, not because everyone likes it because that normally steers me away from a song, but because it reminds me that no matter my troubles, life still is going on for everyone else. Whether I have a big test or have to get surgery or my Aunty just died, the show goes on. Great music, beat, words, and as always, Lupe address problems for all people and motivates us to strive for more.
Faruq's picture

Paris, Tokyo, it help me maintain sanity in a insane world.
Nleeds02's picture

Day dreamin because it has a great beat, fantastic lyrics (love that first verse) Prolly my favorite rap song of all time. I love every Lupe song ever. From mixtapes to Lasers But if we talking Lasers my favorite is Til I Get There because of this line: If I could block em out then I could knock em out and dance around the ring But until then I'll sing"
Heinstein's picture

'Kick Push'. This is because when I saw Lupe perform it live at The Big Day Out in Adelaide, in 2009, I swear my heart stopped beating for the whole song. The performance was amazing, I have never seen anything like it. The whole crowd loved it and bounced along to the beat, while singing at the top of their lungs, I'll never forget it.
Raymond Duong's picture

The Die!!! LUPE & GEMSTONES!! Starting verse goes sooo hard "i Herd like a group of cows that all yall enemies wanna shoot you dowN! they got ak47s bunch of mac11s semi automatic weapons that produce KAPOWS!"
lfox5's picture

Day dreaming because it was the first Lupe song i heard. It came on pandora and i told myself i have to hear from him and he hasn't disappointed me yet!
jrose's picture

The Instrumental- It has a strong message that connects with many people in America today. It should be heard and understood by everyone.
stackdatcheese702's picture

"Till I Get There" would be my favorite because of the strong message. I was afraid of changing into someone I don't want to become, I needed an answer and the last verse of this strong hit me so hard. "Something I was taught, something I had lost If you are afraid, or fear that you gon' change some All you gotta do is just remember where you came from" Don't ever forget where you came from, be yourself, don't lose yourself, be a LASER.
Matt_2's picture

Kick, Push-- this is a great song, and my favorite song because it tells a great story and the lyricism is amazing
sdrepresenter's picture

"conflict diamonds" the wordplay and message is great
BUTT3RS4's picture

Instrumental. It's a truly enlightening concept, and the lyrics and flow are amazing, as usual.
ggirl2792's picture

My favorite Lupe song is the instrumental. I like it because it's different, the beat is crazy and the message is extremely powerful.
t3d's picture

Words I Never Said. Great vocalist mixed with a lyrical mastermind = one of the most powerful songs ever heard! Lupe is Lord
J@y-L@s3R's picture

Theme Music to a Drive By. Them new Lupe fans ain't hip to that lol.
Andrew11's picture

Streets on Fire. The dynamics are amazing. The Matthew Santos and Lupe combo never dissapoints.
Akram's picture

The Cool is still my favorite song cuz the message is deep and the song is dope. Lupe fo life.
nhepburn's picture

When I Get There!!! truly a sick song

My fave is The Show Goes On, I know it's kinda the big one in lasers but come on! First off it's a remake of my favourite song ever (Float On by Modest Mouse), a song that I've listened to in one of the hardest moments of my life (First serious gf breaking up with me) and I probably listened to float on a million times trying to convey the message. Secondly, the message in this song is also a message that helps me through some hard stuff, school and love again (oh the hopeless romantic I am) and is a song that is just amazing, beat, lyrics everything about it, just like Lupe himself. Another bonus is that I was once in my car with this girl that i really really like and as soon as we started getting it on, the song came on and made things even better (she wasn't a lupe fan but whatever that's her fault). I also love Sunshine, good description of a crush and the line "Do this one thing for me outta the trillions of numbers that's in the world Just leave me a few that lead to you" is probably the best pickup line i've heard. The second verse too is pretty fucking amazing.
alifaji's picture

"Sunshine" I cant get over the metaphors! and its such a good clean flow about a simple girl. love it!
LUPE_1Fan's picture

cant wait for food and liquir part II
MODOG530's picture

streets on fire because its amazing now give me an autograph!
LUPE_1Fan's picture

continued... Lupe's never gonna dumb it down for anybody
LUPE_1Fan's picture

H.A.M. Freestyle - i havent seen a single post about this freestyle? does no one else like it???? my boy lupe shows he can freestyle better than anyone to come on tim westwood and spit! Its not really an official song but i have it on my ipod and its so sick, if you havent heard it listen to it now. Picked this song because it really shows off lupe's talent to create amazing music on the spot. Look at other's westwood freestyle and compare it to lupe's.. anyone who thinks lil wayne is good can hop offff cause he couldnt even put 2 lines together and lupe put together a whole song. HAM FREESTYLE IS SO DOPE. ive been listening to you since your first album and i wont stop listening to you. id love to get your autograph ALSO THE SONG SCREAM IN CONCERT WAS SICK. Favorite song of all time would be "He say, She Say"
Special Ted's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life. If it wasn't for Hip Hop, I would have no idea where I would be.It gets me through each day!
Amman2's picture

Daydreaming - "Now come on everybody, let's make cocaine cool" just the way you make fun of rappers and how they make everything "cool"
Lovellag11's picture

Damn! Put yo on game is poetry!! i almost used that song as a poem for english class. Iight imma say Put you on game is my favourite. Lets see, outstanding breath control, imagery for days! Personifying the concept of the game into a walking demon who ran the world basically and rode around on a stray bullet lol. " you should watch on tv how they should properly depict ya the river shall flow with liquors quench your thirst on my elixers I am the safe haven for the rebel runaway and the resiter" favourite line simply because he didnt take one breath the whole time and whenver i say that part I run out of breath lol. But this showed that he put effort and thought into his music, and he uses the mind of a true artist and lyricist and as a poet and writer all mixed into a beautiful song! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!
emanuel vldz's picture

My fave song from Mr. Fiasco has got to be "Words I Never Said". I love his the way he speaks his mind through music and not many rappers achieve this. He speaks for the people and I love the approach he gives to let us know that we have a voice and it must be heard. Also, i listen to this song on my way to my AP World class and i must say, never have i ever been so attentive until I've heard this song. Also it puts me in a positive mood throughout the whole day. It inspires me to be who i truly want to be and only my voice matters and i believe this was his goal. Congrats have done just that.
apfluger's picture

T.G.I.F. Its original, chill, and oh-so fresh. Keep cranking out them beats.


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