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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


KING-K's picture

I would say Lupe's whole catalog, but if i had to choice it be dumb it down because the beat is great and plus the songs hook concept is so true.
Haelw's picture

All Black Everything because the beat is sick and the lyrics opened my eyes on a lot of things especially how it depicts how the past would if everything was the opposite of what it was.
DhDrake's picture

words i never said. it is the model for showing how powerful, appealing, and far reaching an artist can be when they speak about meaningful issues in their work. Peeps who never knew what Gaza Strip know. Ya dig.
rideagiraffe's picture

Words I Never Said Because like Lupe, I'm Muslim. He understands everything and explains it back to his listeners. It's as simple as that.
stanton's picture

S.L.R is my favourite, the beat is sick and he is lyrically off the chain throughout the whole song!!!'s picture

my favorite lupe song is hurt me soul. when you follow artists, its always interesting to learn about how they got into rap & how they grew up. lupe addresses that in the 1st verse of this song. not only did he describe how he got into rap, but he kept it real. i was surprised when he said he didnt even like rap at first. then him talking about jay-z's streets is watching vid was cool because ive seen that vid so many times as well. its cool to hear about his opion on rap back then plus his inspirations. not only did he address problems he had with rap music and problems he faced growing up, but he addressed problems in the world. if one song could describe lupe's catalogue id pick this one because lupe talks about problems & what needs to be done to fix them. i remember at fiasco friday fans were getting asked why protest an artist and not other problems going on in the world? the thing is, lupe talks about thos eproblems in hi smusic (especially in hurt me soul with the hooks & 3rd verse) so when we protest for lupe, we protest for problems in the world as well. just like in lupes music and this song... when we listen to the lyrics, were paying attention to real issues going on in the world. theres real substance behind the lyrics rather than stereotypical mainstream songs in music. i picked this osng because its just the perfect example of great lyrcism, great content, & just simply great music. fnf up!
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my fav song is kick push 2. i know a lot of people never heard it but i like it because....well i cant really put it in words me being in and from Chicago on the west side i think i just can relate to it and im just 13..ha well im think im a mysfit . im a little nerdy ..well some people say im a cool nerd and i think this song just describe me
Randis's picture

Dumb it Down.....Listen to it.
smeagol350's picture

Three guys walk into a bar,the first one says i have the longest arms in the world,the second one says i have the longest legs in the world,the third guy says i make the best music,so they went to the office of the guiness book of world records and the first guy comes out and says i do have the longest arms in the world,the second guy comes out and says i do have the longest legs in the world,the third guy comes out and says who the fuck is Lupe Fiasco?!?!?!
KiDLegend123's picture

If I had to pick any one Lupe song, I would have to pick Hurt Me Soul. It was the first song I had heard by Lupe and it was a moment of 'Woah, this dude is deep'. After listening to most of his music, I felt that Hurt Me Soul was his deepest song and related most to the life of common people. Hurt Me Soul also seemed to be one of his most intellectual songs, and for me, that's enough to make it my favorite song.
fishinizku's picture

His verse with Kanye on Touch the Sky was so good I had to look him up, which led to Kick, Push. I've been a HUGE fan ever since! BTW I think I found my Mrs. Butterworth....
RIPC00LEST's picture

My favorite song by lupe fiasco is Beautiful Lasers before i heard this song i was having a real hard time dealing with things in my life especially with my self im a very insecure person.and back then i was much worse. i was always lowering myself and unsure if i can really be successful. this was during the time when i attended a precollege course in new york. i majored in illustration for a 4 week program. during the 1st and 2nd week weeks i was very depressed and struggled to keeping myself sane. i was telling myself that my colleagues were better than me and i will never mature as an artist or a person i was very hard on myself. and the harder i was on myself the worse is showed.. i have always loved lupe fiasco i loved food and liquor ( an instant classic) and i love the cool ( my favorite album) i was so excited for lasers. i always checked up on his website and on google to see when it was going to come out, but i wasnt getting any information, so i checked on youtube on the steppin lasers tour and i saw a song called beautiful lasers that he performed. first time i herd that song my jaw dropped in awe, my eyes started to water from hearing his positive uplifting message, especially when he told the story about his stress. i continued to listen to it over and over again while i was watering my eyes out. literally this was the most beautiful lyrical work i have ever herd in my life. i then decided that this was my favorite song of all time and i wanted to be more like lupe and to be positive and optimistic as he is. so i started to spread the word about the message of being a LASER to all my friends and i still am today. whoever who is feeling down or who ever is having a hardtime with life, i start to say Love Always Shines Every time Remember to Smile :) and tell them what it means to be a LASER. To help others and spread love is what a LASER is. The Song and the message is now what i live by and i Thank You Lupe Fiasco.. Thank you for changing my life.
zpok23's picture

i like words i never said because it teaches me to express my emotions and dont let an issue go untouched. Weather it be politics or expressing your emotions to a crush, it is always good to let your emotions out, it is very reliveing, the song gave me the courage to show my true thoughts and emotions instead of bottling them up like most people do
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CoolerthanBueller's picture

Well, if I had to pick my favorite Lupe Fiasco song of all time, I would have to say its “Gold Watch” off of Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” Album. I’m pretty much a fan of all this talented mans music, however this song in particular spoke to me in a way that many of his other songs didn’t. Lupe Fiasco addresses many issues and topics in his songs, but there is one topic I say he brings up most often, and in my opinion it’s the same thing that attracts most of his fan base. Lupe Fiasco has a tendency in a lot of his songs to stress the fact that people shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. In fact he makes it cool to be yourself, and to embrace your own identity. “Gold Watch” Is just one of the many songs that send that message; the only thing that makes this song different from the others, is that he gives the message more life in this song. The lyrics are fun, they tell his listeners a little about his likes and dislike, and make you not afraid to be proud of your own. The song has swag. “But My most coveted thing is a high self-esteem, and a low tolerance for them telling me how to lean. See the most important parts are the ones that are unseen, the wings don’t make you fly and the crown don’t make you King” - line from “Gold Watch” - Lupe Fiasco
zpok23's picture

the show goes on because its helped me realize that i have to stay true to me no matter what, let the haters hate, and brush it off your matter how bad life can get, there is always hope, and if you have that hope, than your show can go on too. i also like it because i like how he uses it almost describing how atlantic didnt release lasers and when lupe went into mild depression, but he didnt let any of that keep him down, and hes proved that he is real and is great. Lupe is my favorite musician! the barcode for lasers is even the background of my phone!
Ariel's picture

Kick, Push because it was the first song I ever heard from Lupe.
MyWorldIs's picture

My favorite song of all time from Lu is hands down "Hurt Me Soul" from Food & Liquor. Not only does it hold a dear place in my heart because it is an introspective view on hip-hop but because it is, like all of his music, a song with a message. It's like a story to me. I can definitely relate to being turned off by hip-hop's misogyny, braggadocio materialistic cover. Like Lu said "all the world's ills.." He took his personal dislike for hip-hop's negativity and put it on a larger scale to global ills and negativity. When I heard "Hurt Me Soul" it was like falling in love with hip-hop all over again. We still love her and gotta respect her!
LaserxActing's picture

American terrorist- food and liquor- the ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr. The man puts the truth on blast point blank. Lupe^
Lyrix's picture

"The Cool" off of F&L. That song embodies Lu's creativity and ingenuity. How does someone come up with something so creative? Where do you think of this stuff from? Then he made a whole album based off that ONE song? Genius. #Lasers for life.
Nate_2's picture

He Say, She Say is my favorite song by Lupe. Every time I hear it, the song reminds me of my little cousin who passed away. I only spent a week with her and could not really have a connection with her because there was a language barrier between us, and she suffered from blindness due to a premature birth. While spending the week with her and the rest of her family, the only thing that kept me entertained was listening to music. When I was listening to He Say, She Say, I noticed that she was singing the chorus part when you hear Sarah Green saying "leave" and was dancing along. When her mother and father noticed, they were so happy that she was interacting with music very well. For the rest of that night, we had He Say, She Say on repeat, as we smiled. Although she could not see our faces, I'm sure she could tell how joyous her family was, as we all sang with her.
kamen_rider_OOO's picture

*Superstar* is my choice it was the first sound ever heard from you. and when i hear i feel like i do anything.....go above and beyond
kamen_rider_OOO's picture

*Superstar* is my choice it was the first sound ever heard from you. and when i hear i feel like i do anything.....go above and beyond
FQ64's picture

The intro to the *leaked* food and liquor album.... " Reciting Al-Fatiha in the kitchen.....In-deed on this dean in addition to doing dishes" To keep it short and simple, it's one of Lupe's lyrical ability shown to the max, he's mixing rapping, religion, and double-entendres all in one line.... and he made it so undercover that honestly only Muslims would truly understand the line as living a life where you're always reciting Quranic verses is considered performind 'Deeds' .... #POAW
MoCity02's picture

He Say, She Say and Hip-Hop Saved my Life because they're both so meaningful and greatly express the conditions you're described in the food & liquor opening poem.
Freedom_2's picture

Dumb It Down. People need to educate themselves, not just eat up what they are told. Information does not equal knowledge. Keep educating em' Lupe.
Jafri998's picture

He Say She Say because till this day it is the only song that was able to bring tears to my eyes. The song is truly food (not liquor) for the soul.
eboylan09's picture

Sunshine. This song has a dope beat, witty lyrics, and a great summer-time vibe.
Medwar1's picture

"He say, She say" well written, well expressed, and great true story. It tells the same story from three valid points of view. Also the subject matter is very important to understand because in the Willie Lynch letters one of the points that he tried to drive home to his followers was to pit Father against Son, Son against Father, Mother against Daughter and Daughter against Mother. He figured that if you broke up the family home of the slaves then you would be able prevent future revolt. It's still a principle that is still being promoted today.
ncspud79's picture

Kick Push, or Little Weapon. Both offer a real world view on politics in an entertaining manner. Most listeners of Lupe are highly intellectual, and strive for a better understanding of the world. Furthermore, each song tells a story with their lyrics which make for an incredible listen. I truly appreciate what Lupe has done for the music community by taking what it means to be a musician to another level. Thanks, Lupe.


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