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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


L's picture

STREETS - ARE - ON - FAIYA - TONIGHT! the smartest shit i ever heard
Tnert's picture

Its almost impossible to choose. He has so many great songs from both his mixed tapes and also his three albums. I have had so many favorites but i guess my favorite at the moment is SPRAY PAINT AND INK PENS. although it is only featuring Lupe his verse is amazing. He has a mean flow and It makes me smile every time I hear it because his lyrics are so insanley creative. Thanks Lupe keep it up. Your the man
sixty9m3's picture

daydreamin. first time i heard this track live it made me a SUPER fan. lupe always comes w/ the energy on this track live and it made me appreciate the track. every time i hear it i always get brought back to the first time i saw him live and heard this track come on. gets me hyped just thinking about it and has been my favorite lupe track since that day.
Kendrickdw07's picture

it's hard to choose, but i guess i'll go with "Go to sleep" because i wake up to it every morning and it's amazing lol
NickLip's picture

The Instrumental The box is the media. Both guys are controlled by the media to a point where they’ve lost their own identities. The first person knows he’s brainwashed, or he knows something’s wrong at least, but he can’t figure out what’s wrong or how to fix it. The second person is more ignorant and doesn’t even realize that he’s lost his real self to the mainstream media that’s hypnotized the world. Like the song says, the first guy hates the box, “but he can’t remember how to stop it. So he sits and he watches, hopin’ it will give him something he can box with” Or fight with. He knows that the media has control over him, but the problem is he looks to the media for answers and to find out how to fix it. “He’s scared to look away, cause at that moment, it might just show him what to take off the locks with.” So he keeps watching TV and wondering what’s wrong in the world when the problem is the media-brainwashing itself. “He chained himself to the box, took a lock and then he locked it. Swallowed the combination and forgot it.” So he committed himself to living a dream a long time ago, and until he looks away he’ll be chained to it and wondering what’s wrong with his world. The second guy is more like most people. He thinks everything’s normal and he loves the box. The only reason he’s scared to look away is because he’s afraid it might get stolen or quit telling him what to do. He’s brainwashed too but he doesn’t even realize anything’s wrong with his world so you could say he’s voluntarily ignorant. Both people are addicted to the media telling them what to do and they’ve both lost their identities because they aren’t true to themselves, but only the first guy senses that something’s wrong. Either way, they’ve both lost sight of their true selves. “the same one that took away his voice, and just left the instrumental.” They’ve both lost their true inner self, and they just have the outside left, the instrumental. Lupe's a genius... or at least awake.
slick7rick's picture

i really wanted to choose "WORDS I NEVER SAID" because it's such a beautiful dedication to Palestine and the Gaza Strip.
slick7rick's picture

my favorite song by lupe fiasco would have to be inspirational and catchy. it would have to show his great flow and his raw emotion. his storytelling would be evident and show why lupe is respected as he is. with that in mind, it was tough to narrow it down to "THE COOLEST" "...Come, these are the tales of The Cool Guaranteed to go and make you fail from your school And seek unholy grails like a fool And hang with the players of the pool, fast talking on the hustle No Heaven up above you, no Hell underneath you And nowhere will receive thee, so Shed no tear, when we're not here And keep your faith, as we chase ...The Cool ..."
kuyaomni's picture

Real. It might not be the first song that comes to mind when someone asks you what the best Lupe song is, but Real is definitely my favorite. Lupe's lyrics and flow are great and he says so much in so little. The beat doesn't sound like traditional hip hop which is cool and it puts out a lot of energy. Also the song has so many quotable quotes. Each line could be a quote pretty much.
Ali's picture

I'm a new fan. My favorite song is Words I Never Said. I went from being called a wetback (by my 4th grade teacher) all the way through law school, calling out and taking action against every racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, homophobic practice, comment, my worst I wonder if I said too much, at my best I knew I had to because no else was going to. This song is for people like me and I love Lupe for writing it.
Mustafa_3's picture

B.M.F. an SLR but pretty much everything it all makes sense
JGollner's picture

I want one! I've gotta say my favorite Lupe song is Hurt Me Soul. I just connected to it so much, because at first I didn't like hip-hop when I first heard it either, due to all the general themes I couldn't really relate to. But that whole song is just full of great lyricism, and touches on tons of major world issues. I still get chills when I hear the last line "All the world's ills, sittin on chrome 24 inch wheels", because it's so true. So much is happening on the world yet people continually live their lives based around material things. So for all that I've gotta say Hurt Me Soul is my favorite Lupe song.
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I Feel Failure is my favorite and by far Lupe's best song lyrically. It shows his true ability as a lyricist unlike many artist in the game today. He is sill keeping the metaphoric style, and the art of telling stories in his song alive. Keep real lyricist in the game!!!!!
SupaDupa_Interlude's picture

My favorite Lupe track is Fighters. There isnt one bad song on The Cool, but this track stands out to me. The heartfelt lyrics, the soothing yet simple instrumental, and Matthew Santos kills the hook. Matter of fact, my entire family loves this song. Unfortunately, The Cool dropped about a month before my father passed. My mom and grandmother asked if there was a particular if there was a particular song that my sibling and I wanted to hear after the wake and funeral, while everyone was meeting in the church after the burial. All my siblings picked The Fighters, and every time I hear Lu say "Man, I really miss my pops, hope that God watches over him and that he's up top" it always hits home. Immediately after my dad's death I didnt play the track for like a month, but as time has gone on I play it constantly. The track has the most play on my iTunes:)
FNF UP_2's picture

My favorite Lupe song is defiantly "He Say, She Say". My parents separated when I was 4, and I have never lived with my dad since then. I love him, but I wish he could have spent more time with me. This song brings tears to my eyes every time, but it just makes me want to be a better father when I grow up.
Yako500's picture

I loved how he was telling a extended story through a bunch of songs on Food and Liquor and The Cool, i was kind of hoping to see him continue that on LASERS but it was still amazing! Favorite of all time though is definitely Failure. The lyricism and wordplay is just jaw dropping and it just has that feel good care-free feeling to it.
Amar's picture

Sunshine. I feel a close connection to this song because it was the song i first used in a mixing and scratching dj class at UCLA wooden center. The song reminded me of someone very close to my heart and gave a wide range of emotions from happiness to sadness. It was very deep song that makes my heart heavy everytime i heart it. Thank you for the motivation and the memories, I'll never forget the experiences i have when i play that song.
Jther90's picture

Dang lu. I feel like this a set up lol.. How can you expect us fans to pick one favorite from such a sick body of work.. But if i had to narrow it down I guess my favorite would be Hurt Me Soul off Food & Liquor. Your lyrics said it best "all the world's ills, sittin on chrome 24-inch wheels"
Kiwi Lupe Fan's picture

I love Conflict Diamonds because it has such amazing lyricism, and truth!

My Favorite lupe track is Hip Hop Saved My Life I like how it tells a story about someone trying to come up as a rapper real good song.Also loving the lasers album it's got tight songs been bumping it since it was released.
Ashes777's picture

I love all his songs, it's like asking a parent to pick their favorite child.........Um. My go-to song has always been Theme Music To A Drive-By. The beat is so sick, and while Lupe is always lyrical that song is over the top. They deranged like the rover that I rode That was the Range that I drove when I was a little bit older mayne Declaring war on the deck like they the joker all wild Duckin from bruce wayne While they poker with the devil in a moonlitten ghetto "Hello My Name" stickers on the stickers of the veins In rehab remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow When they was all back of a nickel like Monticello When the underworld had to be smarter than donatello No honor amongst fellows It's harder than sittin with a blind man and tryin to describe yellow WOW!!!! Just WOW!! His lyrics flow so well my favorite but I would take any of his song, but this one stands out.
carlyautomatic's picture

I watched the episode of Colbert Report that you performed Words I Never Said, definitely my new favorite song!! Its strong in every imaginable way, and my heart sings along with Skyler :). Can't stop listening to it, plus Lasers is an awesome CD! You rock, lots of love.
spicygarlic28's picture

Cool is my favorite. Songs that have a tale that can be followed and visualized are the most fun to listen to. It's got a ton of imagery, in which the listener can form their own mental images and perception of what this man is going through. I also dig the whole concept of chasing the cool, and how it can affect a person if someone is too obsessed with one minor aspect of life. Lupe, you're a genius.
BullyWithALaser's picture

Favorite Song has to be "Jedi Mind Tricks".Not only is it classic, uncensored lupe, but the message is delivered in an impeccable flow. He uses the English language like he invented it, with wordplay like "They trying censor the influence-ah, just makes me sicka, influenza." These types of lines are what made me a Lupe fan. FNF up!
Jpeezy's picture

Hurt me soul, The song is one of my first I heard from Lupe and I can see myself listening to that even 30 years from now.
johncp89's picture

DUMB IT DOWN. -And I'm brainless, Which means I'm? headless, Like Ichabod Crane is (lupe says he's brainless because he says Ichabod Crane is headless when he has a head in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" when the headless horseman didn't) -Or foreplay-less sex is ( Foreplay-less sex = no oral sex, like giving head. thus, foreplay-less sex is “headless” like the headless horseman) -Which makes me sane-less (not in your right mind or not using your head which lupe already explained he had no head) Lupe is the man! One of my Favs! I just picked that one randomly. I love it because Lupe shows how much of a genius he is in that song. His wordplay is so dope!! I made tons of friends loopy for Lupe with this lol.
Mr.StealYoGirl's picture

Coming Up....I Have 4 sisters and Lupe wrote it for his sisters so it always reminds me of mine. That song always get's to me and encourages me to work harder to reach success
barnett's picture

of course the show goes on is sick but he has so many good songs
CP's picture

I'm probably gonna have to go with hurt me soul. The beat is just so sick and the whole song is pretty much him in terms of style and lyrics. He even has his own hook instead having a featured artist on it. The song is just plain relaxin. He still gets to put in his little story and rap about the world, but not hella crazy in depth like words i never said. Hurt me soul is one of those songs that really paint a picture as you're listening to it. The thought he puts into his lyrics is just crazy: So through the Grim Reaper sickle sharpening Macintosh marketing Oil field augering Brazilian adolescent disarmament Israeli occupation Islamic martyrdom, precise Yeah, laser guided targeting Oil for food, water, and terrorist organization harborin Sand camouflage army men CCF sponsorin, world conquerin, telephone monitorin Louis Vuitton modelin, pornographic actress honorin String theory ponderin, bullimic vomitin Catholic priest fondlin, pre-emptive bombin and Osama and no bombin them They breakin in my car again, deforestation and overloggin and Hennessy and Hypnotic swallowin, hydroponic coughin and All the world's ills, sittin on chrome 24-inch wheels, like that It's just crazy how he put this verse in and how everything goes together. He's puttin in word after word after every comma makin them all connect and rhyme... and he only has like one filler. That's beast, that's lupe.
tbaeb89's picture

impossible to pick just one. I guess right now I'm really feeling words i never said and stereo sun.
Wali_2011's picture

My favorite song is Go To Sleep. I know its fairly new, but I like it because it shows Lupe's lyrical skills and the beat is fire too.


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