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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Weselmania's picture

My favorite Lupe song is by far "Superstar" because of its underlined story and it's the first song I've ever heard by him. Ever since I loved all of his music, but that one always gets me eveytime it comes on.
BlackMula's picture

I don't have my own apartment to put one up yet but I'll keep it and post it on my wall in the future. I would say my favorite track on Lasers is "Words I Never Said" because it gave me drive to write a poem of my own about war: I call it "War What For?": War what for? Fight till the other can fight no more. Is that what were fighting for? Day after day, night after night we plot and think of ways to kill the other man. Is it worth lives, when a child dies from a bad case of the hives? What are we fighting for? Crips and bloods, war what for? The days leave bodies dropped and egos sore. Our rights they wrongly stole. But we still control our soul. Yet the war breaks it down and takes a toll. War what for? Chances should be taken. Opportunities are lost when you leave your dreams waitin. Immediate action, stop hesitatin. Such positive moves leave the haters quakin. War What for? Why not love? The easiest emotion to posses. Free of fear, worry and stress. Yet I digress. Gil Scott Heron inspired your music just how your music inspires alot of people, and I'm defiantly one of them. #PositiveIfluence
NanatheFIASCO.'s picture

Hey, I'm Nana & the only thing you need to know about me is that I'm obsessed with Lupe Fiasco. I can honestly say that he is the realest rapper out here to date. I mean, every time I listen to one of his songs, my heart cries out. I understand him & his lyrics are so deep, his songs just make me want to change...make me want to me the best ME possible. He just takes hip hop to another level, the level that excludes all the unnecessary video hos, trash talk, & everything else. I can honestly tell that Lupe Fiasco is a Genuine person...I wish i had the words to describe him, that would take me my whole life though. Man, I'm so thankful that God made him...he sees the world for what it truly is and he has no problem expressing his self & his feelings. The show goes on is my favorite song of all time! Even my little brother loves it, every time i hear it, I just want to run outside and sing it to my whole neighbor. I just want everyone to get the message! You can be whatever you want to be no matter where you come from, the things you have done in your life...good, or bad, & basically just don't let no one hold you back! Do you, and only you. The only other artists that have touched my heart like Lupe has are Tupac Shakur, Micheal Jackson, & Selena...Man, I can go on & on but there isn't enough hours in the day, I just love him so much!!
RebornOwl's picture

My favorite song is "Words I Never Said" because the first time I listened to the lyrics my mind exploded, never has a song connected with me as that song did. It made me feel like I'm not the only one aware of how our world is, how we stand with our noses in the air and act like our way of livins best. But its not and we need to open our eyes; it hurts how we shove our ideas of religion down peoples throats but for money we'll easily conduct a genocide. We are hypocrites in our own ways, everyone wants the lime light and be the hero but no one wants to speak up. I don't blame 'em. Society's made them that way. But in just about 4 minutes Lupe expressed this and so much more killing every other song out there that was so keen on expressing killing and getting famous. Thats why it's my favorite song. :)
jake's picture

"beautiful lasers" it shows how rap should be and gives music a purpose. When looking at the lyrics it honestly does not look like a song it looks like a poem. Hundreds of years from now people will be studying meanful artist like Lupe's songs just like how we study greek mythology. And I believe Lupe is setting the precedence.
mishat's picture

All Black Everything because of its incredible lyricism and amazing message love you so much lupe
QueenOshunWata's picture

Im stuck in between im beamin and words i never said. both songs are powerful and they come straight from his heart. I am so glad to have found a mainstream conscious artist!!!!!
gtremillo's picture

My favorite song is "And He Gets The Girl". I love this song so much for the simple reason that he able to express himself towards a girl that he likes with out derogatory words referring to her appearance. Instead he simply states that hes shy and just goes for it and knowing that hes a nerd ("i shouldn't have wore my glasses took my shirt up out of my pants but now its all over and i wont get another chance"). I'm sure most people can relate to this song also expresses his inner-geek saying referring to Linkin Park and Hates Final Fantasy. I can play this song over and over until times ends and I still never get tired of this song. Its Amazing.
Johnnie's picture

"Theme Music to a Drive-by" is my favorite Lupe Fiasco song. This song is the reason why I became a Lupe fan and why I'll be a fan for life. It's the most original and lyrical songs I've ever heard. I love Lupe... "'cause no one does it better."
5thElement's picture

My favorite is All Black Everything b/c it tells of Lupe havimg a dream where everything is black (racially). And I thnk lupe is sayingwe all can be diff races and still be united. The definition of the color black is-The absorbtion of all color, so what it means to say "All Black Everything" is all races unite together.
Jesus_2's picture

My favorite is Kick Push, great lyrics and it tells a story at the same time. The beat is great and overall the song is a master piece. I was luck to see lupe perform it live at Albany, NY last month.
dreamweave333's picture

My favorite Lupe song is He Say, She Say. Every lyric defines how difficult my struggle was with my father's battle with lung and brain cancer. Some days it can't be sunny. My mom tells me she never saw him happier than when he spent his time coaching and teaching me. I couldn't let him leave even though he already did. This caused me to spiral downward. Ended up getting picked up on a DUI the same way my grandfather had died. Thank God I didn't hurt anyone. I proceeded to go to jail after breathalizing daily for almost a year. After that, I was able to be "normal" again. Women, Black outs, Cocaine, too much Mary Jane lead to a break from reality. I had been afraid to listen to this song for so long because of the emotions it brings back. This song truly helped me break out of the cave that my mind had made. I don't want to write anymore. Thank you Lupe Fiasco. I truly appreciate all you've done for me.
blahblahchoi's picture

It's hard to pick a favorite, so I'll go with something that was my first fav: Kick/Push. So, in the diluted world of rhymes and themes, hip hop lost its way to the sell-out artists on the radio waves. In "selling out" I mean that they left art behind them and just rhymed with what they thought we wanted to hear. Violence and misogyny; hate and stalled ideologies. In saying that, Biggie Smalls is still the illest. A slight return is Kick/Push. Thematically, it isn't violent, and about young love, however, in the same stylings of Notorious B.I.G. Lupe hits us with some storytelling with thought provoking rhyme schemes. The words just flow so well.
Rebecca's picture

Favourite Lupe Fiasco song is Out Of My Head feat. Trey Songz off the Lasers album because it's a unique track with sick beats and the vocal and rap are amazing. It has been on repeat millions of times cos it can't get old.
alh_90's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is Daydreamin from Food & Liquor because of the imagery in the song and the all around sound of it. Using a robot to so vividly portray the struggles in this world is beyond creative.
procesy's picture

FAVORITE LUPE SONG: TOUCH THE SKY with KANYE! This song is my motivation! From the Album has to be WORDS I NEVER SAID, as an artist I can relate to this and its alot I wanted to say myself but I'm glad someone better did it with a much greater audience! CHECK THESE DUDES OUT THEYR NASTY!!!
KETTS1's picture

the cool - made me realize i'm not as cool as i think. changed my life. do you!
Justakid's picture

Day Dreamin' First song I ever heard by Lupe, I know every single word. Its really clever and still gets me pumped up when I hear it. It was especially awesome live. Speaking of live I really loved "Scream" such a good song. Really well done, favorite live song.
The_Prodigy's picture

"Words i Never Said' First reason i like the song because not many hip hop artist can have such a meaningful and lyrical rhyme on a rock/punk beat. Lupe Fiasco is the TRUTH because of his ability to connect and compare to so many diverse audiences. I can express enough how "Words i Never Said' meant to me personally as a young male of this world. To me its saying that in these times we cant go on with our words unheard. The people of the world cant continue to make steps and decisions based off selfishness and stupidity. We as a people cant afford to live with regret and reasons of why we had the opportunity to impact change and didn't. All i have left to say is Lupe is the movement and I'm a faithful rebel with a cause on the bandwagon!!!!
justarebel...'s picture

'Words I Never Said' Because I was bullied for being a Muslim.
LaSeRs4ever's picture

Fighters Just this one song can change the wqy i look at the day and the week ahead of me. Such a great song to plan on a monday to prepare yourself for the week with an open mind
addisonbaker's picture

Little Weapon This song not only has a sick beat, drum sounds, and lyrics but the message is great. Little weapon shows what's wrong with war in third world countries today. Kids in war are getting younger and yonger and violence in general is getting out of hand. What's up with people taking guns to school? Why can't we just learn like Lu wants us to? Every word Lu raps is real and he means it, you can tell. The part about video games blows my mind because it's so true. Kids are sitting around killin people from their couch, so it makes them think it's not that bad. Little Weapon teaches the ultimate lesson of peace.
souzzy's picture

hi , i'm french and i really like you're new album , i really like "worlds I never said" because you say in this song that the others singer don't say , I like you're engagement in you're song , we can see a real man with reals ideas , you make a other kind of raop , like NERD , you're different and I really like the difference continue what you do sorry if you don't understand all , but i'm french and i'm just 16 so i speak just quit well english
wardda's picture

My favourite Lu song is 'The Coolest'. The reason being the mood,beat & story never fails to evoke emotion in me. Lupe's lyrics paint the perfect pictures and I get completely engulfed by the song as soon as I throw my headphones on and hear the piano intro. I love that it's metaphorically complex too because I get my head around them after each listen kind of see things from Michael Young's perspective. I've been listening to it since 'The Cool' was released and will continue to because,to me,it's one of those classic songs i'll never get sick of. In addition,I feel a tad cooler listening to this when walking to school which doesn't hurt,haha!
ballhawk514's picture

"He Say She Say" because it is so clever how Lupe tells the story from the mother's point of view and then the son's point of view with nearly the same exact lyrics, yet each verse has such a different feel to it. This song is personal to me because my father left me when i was a little boy and I know what it is like for the character in the song to go through what he goes though.
Shaner25's picture

I Like the Show Goes On because it is a really up beat tempo and really picks me up when I'm down.
Daboul11's picture

Words i never said, because he really speaks his mind and the lyrics are incredible. Whenever I hear it it makes me want to stand up for what i believe in. GREAT SONG!
elias946's picture

theres a lot to choose from but ill probably go with "dumb it down" cuz exactly how ive felt about the rap game for years and it helped inspire me to be more real in life and in my music choices, and it helped me look at music as more of art than ever before.
Mizzy's picture

My favourite song is The Show Goes On, and it's because it is one of the most inspirational songs i've ever heard in my life. Every single word that Lupe raps inspires me to always stay strong, and I can't help being uplifted every single time I hear it. The song is delivered with so much passion and energy that I get the shakes every single time I hear it, It's perfect
Nikki's picture

My favorite song is Words i Never Said. The lyrics hit real hard. The truth hurts and i love it. I feel the song speaks nothing but the truth; just like everything else Lupe says. I LOVE it. With all the hate in the world, and the crazy havoc people wreak, atleast somebodys still fighting for peace. People can say that when you're fighting for peace you're still fighting, which isn't peaceful. But were not the ones causing the fights, its a simple way to symbolize how hard the fight for peace is, always will be, but also how much it doesn't matter cause we'll fight on when it comes to peace amongst ourselves. Stay true Lupe, mad love to your movement!!


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