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When I Was 17 x Lupe Fiasco [Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 05, 2011

Bishop G!!! I see you son!!!


Young Genio's picture

what the heck dude this is bull i wanted to see it
Jack Grey's picture

Make me watch the commercial...and then tell me the video is unavailable? Stop counting your clicks.
GuillaumeDrolet's picture

No way, I can't watch it because I'm in Canada .... Bah! By the way, I’m selling on eBay an extra VIP ticket I got for his concert @ NYC (Roseland Ballroom) the 24th of April check it out that link !! Thanks!
I__SawDay's picture

:) :) :) !!!!!!!!!
M.shelz's picture

Dead bodies Or a dead dog G? Damn That's why I love Them They make me laugh. I love it.
johncp89's picture

neva fall off like pine treeeees LOL he went ham at 17 too.
Lucky's picture

Love the MUSIC... so glad you kept going after 17! Can't wait to see you in Arizona :o)
LupeFanDk's picture

Haha I love the way he is laughin!! ''Then I quit and her I am know'' hahaha !!!

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