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Watch the Official Video for "Bitch Bad" Now!

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on August 22, 2012

Lupe unveiled the official video for "Bitch Bad" on MTV's RapFix earlier today.

Watch the official video above, and pick up the track on iTunes today!



I__SawDay's picture

This is HOTTT!! Good job Lu...
SVK's picture

A powerful message, wrapped in truth, rapped in art, delivered for effect. Good work, sir.
sami20's picture

LUPEEND didnt know lupe would change up his ways.. first three albulms were truth.. who am i to judge.. only Allah could judge you wasalu.. i hope your able to read this and your people get this message to you.. three albulms and your out guess not.. although i do appreciate your music.. get back to the muhammed walks swag.
Cellblock1138's picture

Help petition Lupe from retiring! Sign the petition online!
j-mal's picture

I really really like this song and I mean no disrespect but one thing it fails to mention is the undeniable attention the "bad bitch" gets over the lady in today's society. In the third act the boy turns down the girl but 9 out of 10 times that boy is going to choose that girl, he may not stick with her for long but he'll choose her. Girls act that way because they get the attention they want. This song seems to be directed towards young girls who grow up watching the rap videos but maybe you could do a part 2, directed towards the boys who grow up watching the rap videos.
captniceguy's picture

Love this joint lu... been rocking wit you ever since white chalk featured u on dey comp album. I hope the great american rap album stays on schedule, pls dont push the date back and thank you for telling the truth
aspirer's picture

Thank you for your music. In this world, people are surrounded by media, and media affects the mind more than most US citizens know. If we see something on the TV often enough or hear it on the radio often enough, in due time, it becomes acceptable in our society. That’s why it’s so important for there to be media to make us question ourselves, our laws, and our ways of life. If no one ever asks you why, sometimes you’ll never consider it. Thank you again.

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