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Walmart Soundcheck - Free Show!

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Busy's picture
on February 23, 2011

Walmart Soundcheck presents Lupe Fiasco. Music Hall of Williamsburg. This Sunday 2/27. Show starts at 8PM. Sign up for this exclusive performance. Space is limited!


Espinal_Anthony's picture

do we got to be 18 or older?
rahmad01's picture

I am on the guestlist for this but was unable to print out the paper, does anyone know how i will be able to get in ?
Lisa Engelken's picture

Any news on how to get into this link? I would love to go!!!
MFHaruddin's picture

what happened??it doesnt work
Force's picture

All Nationwide @LupeFiasco fans change you Facebook/Twitter Avatars to #Lasers album cover on/by March 8th (Repost this)!!!
stldynamite's picture

St. Louis misses ya L-U.......P-E! FnF till the world blow UP!
ishmael street's picture

I try to go to the site but site is not there for the free concert.
unleashedman's picture

Lupe get your ass in Detroit!

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