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VIDEO: Asher Roth & N.E.R.D. - In The Spot

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on May 31, 2010


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wtf is N.E.R.D. doin with backup dancers on stage?! like for real? is that what we're gonna have to see when they go on tour? yeck!
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my boy asher
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Lupe take a look at my writing Life is a Dream I dont worry about anything in my world I live it like a dream cause thats what it truly is Ever think about how man use to live? No text book shit I mean truly live We went from thoughts of survival to thoughts of whos the best MC From navigating stars to being dependent on machines From growing our own fruits to genetically engineering seeds From tribal love to pointing out niggas and B's You see this world is nothing but a dream Now we work for invisible money and spend invisible cheese Oh my bad, its called direct deposit, nigga please Our idols switched from scholars and poets to whoevers on TV Being blinded by the light not knowing who holds the electricity You see this world is nothing but a dream We claim to be the smartest but cant decode symbols from Egyptian kings We fly to the moon but cant understand why poverty still stings Scientist claim to be the shit, but cant understand the pyramids This world is crazy at times but some see it different I think i read too much which in turn widen my vision Couple that with the right music and correct thinking And I now have become a rebel to those not blinking You see this world is nothing but a dream Like Lupe's daydreamin Ive just been awaking, listen carefully to catch what he's saying Nas and Damien also have a few thought provoking sayings Until the rest of the world wakes up Ill be on my knees praying That mankind can somehow make it through the book of Revelations.

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