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Trilly & Truly 2010: Basic Info [Video]

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on August 04, 2010


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.....would anyone like to check out my cover I did for Hip-Hop Saved My Life? It's one of my first tracks I've recorded so it's still shabby. Thanks, JP
fallygotham's picture

its a dream come true for me Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets
jo_cro's picture

@JEDIMINDTRICKS You said average person. Lupe isn't targeting the average people, or the people with money, for that matter. He's targeting the people who are willing to really buy in to the idea. It's about more than a piece of cloth, but the theory that cloth represents.
MissBee's picture

love the idea!! Keep up the GREAT work!!
Larissa's picture

Tao's picture

if your deep look deeply at the simbols your wearing!! come on dig deeper.x
jedimindtricks2010's picture

@Maninderjit i know there are other expensive lines out there, that doesnt mean ppl are buyin it, i mean what avg person is gonna spend that much on a shirt??? i mean thats one of the reasons ppl credit cards are ridiculous now, buyin stuff they cant afford
Ya_that_is_all's picture

This Is Brilliant... to be completey honest i'd buy one even if they are pricy, The concept is so solid.
CrossoverDoc's picture

Really wish the Tees were a little less expensive, I'd buy the Hitler one in a heartbeat. Lupe does a good job explaining the product, he's headed in the right direction.
Noa The Ruler's picture

Lupe, please mass produce your stuff so that I can actually buy it. I don't care if everyone have a trilly & truly jacket if you do that. I really want the jacket, I'll look like a materialistic freak if I, a below average middle class working teenager, bought a Jacket that cost $1,200! @.@ T.T I really want that jacket, especially that fall of rome jacket that you wore in the dumb it down video.
lupeforlife's picture

really jackets for one grand? and those jeans look stupid
Gl1tch's picture

Damn, wrong time to lose one of my jobs
DavidRking's picture

dude this is sick if i could i would buy this stuff :D Lupe you to unreal
lupeforlife's picture

why does it show him walking out of church, subliminal message?
Jeremiah D's picture

peace love equality anarchy i like that. dont get the lightning gave them life thing tho... whoa i just went to the site and the jackets cost 1.5k LOL im too broke to buy his stuff
Rocky Balboa's picture

Yo Lupe!!! When you coming back to NewZealand? Sold out ino it! come back homie!
Maninderjit's picture

@JediMindTricks. Yes you can. Have you seen other clothing lines such as Billionaire Boys Club? Lupe's Trilly & Truly is unique. If you own one piece then most likely no one will be wearing the same in the surrounding four states.
jedimindtricks2010's picture

The line is cool but $65 $90 for a shirt??? Can anyone honestly say they'd spend that much on a shirt??
CooPa Funky Fresh's picture

I want the book..
Maninderjit's picture

The pants...nice.
Bingaling's picture

Lupe gives hip-hop an intelligent, spiritual, poetic fire. The concept behind T&T is brilliant and inspiring. Don't stop doing right, Lupe. This generation needs more young men like you. -Bing
HusTheCool's picture

Gosh you just gotta love how intelligent and versed in world history Lupe is. I really need to get me some of this gear to support my boy. Also, anticipating Lasers like my next breath Lu!!! You the best.
Chosen's picture Lupe Fiasco style track you be the judge...

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