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Today's Webcast With Lupe [Video]

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2011

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BuildingMindsFaster's picture

LUPEEE My birthday is today can you say HBD ?
BcB's picture

what did you have in mind while recording
Matt_13's picture

i bet DJ BUSY has Lupe trapped in his basement and on the UStream he is going to give us the demands for ransom in exchange for Lupe's release
BcB's picture

what is your favorite song ftr
KilluminatiGrover's picture

no u didnt miss it it hasnt started yet...omg cant wait
Sheldon's picture

Just want to say thanks my brother for "All black everything" I cannot stop listening to it...You make me want to lay my first 16 down..Your music is such an inspiration to me..keeps me going some days. Peace and Much Luv to ya !!!
Samar Abid's picture

what song got you guys likin Lupe? for me it was Superstar
NizzyismyVenom's picture

OK Nexsudance ..... I'm lookin at the video now........... Who the fuck is this guy and .........WTF??????
NextSundance's picture

@Aamir What do you mean by that?
DakidShineBrite's picture

did i miss it?
Miss.Sana's picture

Immortal Technique is politically motivated? word?
abethagreat's picture

people gotta understand that this is a business and you are the consumer... the more you wait the more anticipation builds... its all part of the marketing scheme...
Sureya_317's picture

When are you coming to London Lupe? UK Lasers are getting restless :). Also how do you feel about what is happening in Libya?
wylout's picture

word stop asking
Aamir's picture

@ NEXTSUNDANCE odd future is the illuminti of the illuminati !
Miss.Sana's picture

lets gooooooooo we waitin.
Kronical's picture

Are you really going to keep posting that stupid ass question? He's not even here.
Skyfather's picture

who's gonna be on F&L2 as far as producers & features go? & do you ever see yourself working with other politically motivated artist such as Immortal Technique?
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

Manchester-England. (is this what youre meant to to?)
wylout's picture

i cant wait!
JCutie's picture

I hope he answers @ DON786 bc geesh, lol. There is no telling how many times dude posted the same a$& question,lol.
V OC's picture

how do you get into the rap game? and will you ever collab with kid cudi??
kenzino's picture

Lupe, come to DUBLIN! i'll be front row and centre :D
Aaron30's picture

vermont :/
Matt_13's picture

I heard that if you say Wasalu Jaco 3 times while looking into a mirror you will summon Lupe and he will kick your ass with righteous kung fu
ashhhpattt's picture

hey Lupe it would make my life complete if you followed me on twitter! @ashhhpattt :)
Tycoon87's picture

I guess the producers are just building an anticipation man..
Aamir's picture

London - England =]
NizzyismyVenom's picture

....You don't have to keep asking questions. The point is to ask him when he's live. Just hold the questions for when you see him.
NextSundance's picture

People who support illuminati theories, I want to ask you all how you feel about Odd Future.


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