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TMZ Catches Lupe Outside MTV [Video]

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on March 21, 2011

How did I miss this? Lupe on TMZ. *Laughs*


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More than that, he tries to motivate you to better yourself as a person and reveals issues on a platform so you have the tools to do that for yourself. He drops knowledge so you can open your mind and do something to help the world in your life. That is what being a Laser is about from what I can tell of the manifesto. Now how many other cats in the mainstream landscape of the Hip Hop industry is trying to do that? Not too many. Most don't really give a damn about their fans like that!
Lonewriter's picture

These people aren't mature enough to realize what some of you are saying. I agree with you completely Taylor and Essumduda, they say the current landscape of Hip Hop is more fun, but its all fun for the wrong reasons using all of the morally wrong things. I hate to compare Lupe's music to religion, but like Christians like myself think that the bible is food for your soul, so is Lupe. Lu feeds your soul and spirit with messages of positivity and awareness, not your body and mind with thoughts of immorality and impulsive impure acts that pollute your soul.
Santana's picture

I admire the fact that Lupe raps about real things in life. My first time I see him come out on gossip programs :P
badgalsradio's picture

what do they mean rap is not fiscally responsible ? Rappers spend more money on eveerything than rockers ever could. how else could these big companies stay in business - think Louis Vuitton; Beemers; Ice on a Chain and of course Poppin Bottles of various sorts. Rappers spend all their money which is why they're always being sought after by the irs. Think NAS, WU Tang and of course anybody from the south. TMZ just wants to be relevant..(side-eye)
Irene♥'s picture

TMZ is so ignorant...Lupe looked nice though...great smile ;) Love you Lu?
SoUnCool's picture

it's funny that the people from TMZ would question the reason rap is negative today. apparently drugs, sex, money, and alcohol doesn't portray any negativity to them in the least
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

PLEASE, make a tour in Europe! Bruxelles is my city...
Taylor Dominique's picture

This completely makes sense... It's more fun and happier and many, possibly even most songs are about having fun and being happy. But the fun comes from sex, drinking, drugs, and basically being irresponsible and ignoring morals... So it's more negative.
mannierivers's picture

TMZ= Wackness
jusB's picture

Lupe, we love you. & we know you... these losers can say what they want... we're Lasers.
EssamDuda's picture

Rap is more fun lately, and with Lupe, that fun in positive. But glorifying drinking and premarital relations is negative. That sort of fun corrupts your soul, and that is is the most negative of the negative.
AdolfoChavez's picture

rediculous how they would try lupe look bad ahaha
Child Rebel Soldier's picture

gotta love the presidential finger quotes!!
Jaimee-Ian's picture

these guys are so painfully ignorant about hip-hop
kyle_g's picture

tmz faggots have no life so they follow celebrities around trying to make them look bad cuz they jealous
Noa The Ruler's picture

TMZ is retarted.
xfactor's picture
StormingPolack's picture

And people like this are why I feel sorry for our nation.. lol
Michael Rananyas's picture

no point in trying to enlighten the cast of TMZ they don't understand what Pac was sayin in his songs... they just look at the guns and jump the gun with their conclusions. LUPE CHECK OUT MY VIDEO ON U TUBE-- it's under "The Chicago Love Police" and Words i never Said is featured as the opening song and i gave a shoutout to you! See you on March 26... i'll be at the after party. You had BEST be there. I need to discuss some KLUMINATI shit with you son

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