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T.I. - "I'm Back" [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 27, 2010

King's Back. New album KING UNCAGED drops 8/17. How y'all like the video?


Gl1tch's picture

New sound? Seems like the same shit he's always on, which is ok for a ATL rapper I guess. The video sucked though. I don't see this as a hit.
Xeniyah's picture

I love T.I. pretty sad about wat happened to him but he's back now Lupe when will yo album be out I can't take it no more lol FNF UP!!!! ~ Xeniyah, check me out on
Y.C.'s picture

Finally T.I. is back and with a new sound for the rap game. It is simple but good to listen and without any bitches in his first video. Just about him and about Hip-Hop. Welcome back T.I. FNF
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