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Throwback Thursday: 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up

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Busy's picture
on February 25, 2010

Classic 2Pac. What's your throwback thursday pick? Post link below.


SayGrit's picture

**While the rich kids iz driving benz..I'm still try'na hold on 2 surviv'n friends** "TRUTH!"
White's picture

Yo Lupe BIG UPS for representing the realist brother, My boy Tupac, you are like he only bra (brother capetown coloured slang) who is still keeping it realz in your tracks, eg hip hop saved my life. Keep it up, As you can see this is our thang through and true What can I do real homies help you get through And comin' new he'd do tha same thang if he could Cuz in tha hood true homies make you feel good Big Ups
Hash-Kal's picture

All time greats.......the track the mc and the video...shout out to Jada p!!!!
Jovan's picture

what can i say, this is music thats forever man. throwback thursday pick would be: bone thugs - crossroads
Da Real Deal's picture

InfiniteZero's picture

Big UP!..... the haters are fool's...... don't like it when a brother makes it, but if you make it what do you expect?
Mike Dellon's picture

tupac and lupe are my favorite rappers.soooo different but soooo good
LazyJalapeno's picture

my throwback pick yall
BeeHell's picture

Bardok91, you gay. and you spelled Bardock wrong...
Panzo's picture you gots to chill. empd personal oldskool fave
bardok91's picture

FUCK 2PAC!!!!!
mvp7721's picture

Lupe. Love it. Love Pac. All Lupe fans (and pipe dream, Lupe himself). check out our music! Opinions would be much appreciated. WE ARE NOT LOSERS...WE ARE LASERS
Digitallure's picture

Here's an old school joint for ya: KMD - Peachfuzz

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