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Busy's picture
on December 13, 2009

One of Fiasco's favorite videos. enjoy...


DreyDrey's picture

I've been getting back into Linkin Park lately...great band, love this song. Fantastic pick :)
Illmatic_one's picture

Great song and video definitely one of the best bands of all time
lloydinspace's picture

in all seriousness, this is one of the greatest albums of the decade
lloydinspace's picture

"Meteora was nice, but I bought Hybrid Theory twice" [name that Lupe song]
vinnyc's picture

yeahhh LP is awesome, hmmmm.... imagine lupe x LP WOW that would be amazinggg!!!!!!!1
Bumper's picture

yessir..LP is dope..
Greg Innerdecadence Jefferson's picture

Def a Great Pick!! Thumbs Up!
G. Hall's picture

one of my fav linkin park songs
Expligatory's picture

This is actually a really good song. When it first came out, I discredited it because I was a hater against rock music. But since having grown up some, my musical tastes have broadened significantly, and I'm able to recognize good music of all genres. Nice up Lupe! I really appreciate it.
Bracin3000's picture

oh yeah this song take me back to middle skool haha! im a youngin! yo a song with chester might be raw! or would be i should say B

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