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TAVIS SMILEY | Lupe Fiasco | PBS

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on March 10, 2011

Lupe talked with Tavis about Lasers and more! Watch above!


Zain Seyal's picture

Lupee brotha, you say "you know" a lot . =p lol just sayinnn
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

PLEASE, make a tour in Europe! Bruxelles is my city...
K.S.A's picture

"the system is flawed... that is unfair and corrupt... for you to be representative of that system... my mother and father taught me to look at the actual problem..." i love that! i think i you would this article by RICHARD L. ZWEIGENHAFT AND G. WILLIAM DOMHOFF titled "The New Power Elite" about leaders or "tokens" in society that in some people's eyes "made it" and are representative of marginalized groups of people but who in reality work within these systems and not only fail to change them but further perpetuate them and create this facade of change and equality...
TillIgetthere's picture

Hey things just are't getting done at all in any of the (in my opinion) important issues. I'm proud of my man lupe for actually saying what everybody thinks is so taboo. He's speaks truths people! Always has.
A.R.C.'s picture

Most of the stuff lupe's saying is accurate though I agree with him because the system is wrong and you can't deny it
Jafri998's picture

Blocked in my country....thats bs
MysticVirgo's picture

Despite Lupe's dislike for President Obama I'm still a fan and always will be. At the end of the day it's just his opinion.....which I disagree with. Opinions are like assholes...everyone has one.
cookieS624's picture

how do I, as a fan, take lupe's opinion about Obama i dont. at the end of the day, I respect lupe for being honest rather than being phony like most of americans were when obama became president. tavis smiley adores lupe fiasco and so do I. I'm gonna support lupe no matter what. #truefan
Child Rebel Soldier's picture

We are not losers's picture

Lupe was looking tired lol.
TheCool_2's picture

this website is stuff. im going to get LASERS today
PEACE247's picture

i juss joined :) should have long time ago :) love U Lupe #Lasers

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