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    December 12, 2009

    The big homie Semtex chops it up with Mos Def.

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  • Busy approved. nuff' said.

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    December 10, 2009

    Hi guys...Lupe Here...


    There seems to be a lot...A LOT...of misconception and misguided info floating around the for the sake of clarity and so that everyone (HOPEFULLY) will be on the same page let me reaffirm and debunk some things and just turn down the general noise that is surrounding Lupe Fiasco...thats me...


    My Third Album is Titled "LASERS" not "WE ARE LASERS" or "LUPE.N.D."...




    "LASERS" is NOT my last and final album...


    "LASERS" does NOT drop in 2009...






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  • Uncle Snoop delivers the heat on this one! What y'all think of the track/new album? 


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    December 08, 2009

    Support all the hot new releases in stores today! Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse, Timbaland and Gucci Mane. All great albums. Which ones are you getting?

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    December 06, 2009

    Peep the video above to watch the re-up fam, Clipse perform their hit "Popular Demand" w/t Cam'Ron and "I'm Good" w/t the boss Rick Ross from MTVU's Woodie Awards. Don't forget to pick up the Clipse much-anticipated new album TIL THE CASKET DROPS in stores this Tuesday, December 8th! RE-UP!!

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  • Head over to to read up on the UK's newest hit producer Al Shux. He is responsible for producing Jay-Z's first #1 single "Empire State Of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys. Lupe fans might remember his first production score with "Hi Definition" ft. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear off THE COOL album. Be on the lookout for more Al Shux production in your ears, early next year!

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    December 04, 2009

    Lu took it to the OKP boards last night for some fun in the "Jay Electronica VS. Lupe Fiasco PT.2" thread. See below...can you say spit hot fire? ouch....


    the devils in the dealer, the poltergiest is in the pokerchips,
    Game changer, I practice Iron Swan Song, Tiger Palm & Cobra Fist,
    Go by many slang name's and sobriquets,
    Asking me how many lines is in my mind is like asking how many fish can the ocean fit,
    I set out to do the impossible like an open fist,
    Achieve the unbelievable like throwing Open Pit,
    The last line refers to flying saucers, 
    A rhyming Chaucer who came from District 9

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