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Steppin Laser Tour 2010 Promo Vid

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  • Steppin Laser Tour 2010 Promo Vid
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    May 01, 2010

    Catch the last few shows in you can! Best concert of the year! Shout-outs to B.o.B too!

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Busy's picture
on May 01, 2010

Catch the last few shows in you can! Best concert of the year! Shout-outs to B.o.B too!


Megz's picture

Cant wait for you to come to Detroit!!! When is the Lasers cd being released i need to know now!!!
Lucas Lederer-Plaskett's picture

now can you hit me up with that album date now that the tours over?
abar's picture

Super video!
Lilg3000's picture

Illuminati talk is are Free Masons Illuminati as well...since the all seeing eye is a symbol?
Lilg3000's picture

Great vid!!
jesseyoung3rd's picture

HOUSTON?!!!!! Don't forget Houston!!! "..he might be crowned as the best thing out the htwown in a while" We waiting on you Lupe!!!! Keep it coming... -J. Young the !!!rd-
lclsbeam's picture Remember....May 16.....Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
ki2594's picture

look for the dude in the white hat in the front row, thats me :) ridiculous concert.
DevDawgg's picture

Going to S.F. performance tonight super juiced
T-Cat's picture

Flying to Seattle to see the Finale!!! So pumped!!!
MarcusPh's picture

Come to Brazil Lupe! We are waiting for you! We are Lasers!
LinksIronBapes's picture

why release a promo vid when the tour is almost over? shouldn't this have come before the tour??? lol but anyways, dope video
DaltongGangClothing's picture

Daltong Gang Clothing checked out the show at the Ogden Theater in Denver, CO. Lupe and B.o.B are incredible. Thanks for coming to town. There are a few pics of the show at
Garcon's picture

Please, PLEASE come to the United Kingdom, if you hang up hip hop before I see a gig, then I'd probably die inside. S'true. You're by far my favourite rapper/singer/artist in general, you, Wasalu Jaco, are my idol, and it'd make my life to see you live in concert, it'd make my afterlife to meet you personally. Peace, and much love to ya.
Y.C.'s picture

This video is soo good and I can see, feal and hear that you all had a great time. Man ... Lupe, you have to come to Berlin, Germany and rock this city. I love the part where the first time Matthew Santos says "You thought I was down" and this special move from Lupe comes with the light szene. Totally dope ... so Lupe ... we also need you in Europe :D FNF
louie0612's picture

one of the best nights of my life! i was glad to see lupe, b.o.b, and the homeboy dosage in atlantic city! truely all were great performers!!
iamtrash's picture

Was this the show in Detroit? I was there. Thanks for the shout out to Flint! Man I had to go to the hospital after that night cause THE SHOW WAS SICK, SON! haha peace and much love to ya!
Christina_3's picture

This tour is great! I was fortunate enough to see it in Houston and Dallas. B.o.B was great and Lupe is incredible. I wish I could have officially met Lupe! Maybe next time.

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