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PunchBowl TV Interview

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Busy's picture
on February 21, 2011

Talks the new album LASERS and upcoming collabos Nas?


KETSADO's picture

Child Rebel Soldier's picture

something tells me the beat for All Black Everything is going to be SICK!!!... SICK!!!
0penyoureyes's picture

Lupe is the man. The end.
Xeniyah's picture

I'm bouta cry this nigga just said him and Nas are gonna do a all they need to do is call Rakim then you got the God Mc, God's son, and his Disciple on one record...brilliant
xfactor's picture

NAS AND LUPE!!!!! That just made my morning!!!
zelmar's picture

A song with Nas!! OMG, it'll be so good!!
FPerNisF's picture

lupe when are you coming to london we miss you. peris

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