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O'Reilly Takes on Lupe Tonight!

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  • O'Reilly Takes on Lupe Tonight!
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    June 20, 2011

    Tonight at 8/11p ET, Bill O'Reilly sits down with rapper Lupe Fiasco who in previous interviews has questioned U.S. policies and accused the president of terrorism saying, "To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama."

    In this exclusive sneak peek, Fiasco defends his comments as "an expression of me trying to, I guess, understand critically the society." In the heated exchange, O'Reilly asserts that "President Obama is not a terrorist. He's trying to do what he believes is the right thing to do."

    Watch this sneak peek and tune in to The O'Reilly Factor, tonight at 8/ 11p ET for the full interview.

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on June 20, 2011

Tonight at 8/11p ET, Bill O'Reilly sits down with rapper Lupe Fiasco who in previous interviews has questioned U.S. policies and accused the president of terrorism saying, "To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama."

In this exclusive sneak peek, Fiasco defends his comments as "an expression of me trying to, I guess, understand critically the society." In the heated exchange, O'Reilly asserts that "President Obama is not a terrorist. He's trying to do what he believes is the right thing to do."

Watch this sneak peek and tune in to The O'Reilly Factor, tonight at 8/ 11p ET for the full interview.


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Your my favorite rapper. Man, when you coming to San Jose soon?
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Lupe isnt bashing any of the military men and women in fact His dad was in the military so he respects that ...what hes saying is the bad people are the ones who head the military and before you say hes a pussy who talks about stuff like war yet he hasnt been, hes saying the bad people are the ones sending troops and such into war. Obama is the one who says where when and who is going into war yet hes not there himself hes sitting behind a desk getting paid 420k per year.
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I support what you are saying. Make people think about the escalation of wars the US is in since 9/11. Bin Laden is dead, and yet we keep expanding our military involvement which we cannot afford in any respect. Our personal freedoms are under attack - such as the TSA body searches and scanning machines. The executive branch is too powerful - look at the recent involvement in Libya. O'Reilly is just a mouth piece for the propaganda "news".
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you stand behind a mircophone and speak of stuff you know nothing about ... put on a military uniform and fight for this country... oh thats right you don't have the balls or the gutts to do it... your so full off bull shit...
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I want to see the FULL unedited interview!! Lupe PLEASE try to get a hold of that
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Lupe's main point isn't stupid. It's an opinion, sure, but it isn't stupid. The problem was that he didn't explain it very well, which is partially because O'reilly is an expert at skewing what you are saying and changing the topic/point so rapidly that you can't manage to get 1 solid point across. But, his main point is this: - Terrorists are inherently rational people. They don't blow people/buildings up for funzies. - International relations are based on bargaining, and because terrorist organizations are not countries that can tax people for money, they have little bargaining power. What they do have to use as a bargaining tool, however, is violence/fear. - So, the only real different between terrorists and countries are that terrorist organizations use violence to bargain, while countries have a multitude of tools (cooperation, economic sanctions, violence, etc). -Therefore, if the U.S. is using violence in other sovereign nations in order to get what they want (protection, in this case), then the line between a terrorist organization and a country begins to blur pretty rapidly. It's not stupid, he just makes controversial remarks in order to convey his viewpoint, which rarely changes anyone's mind and generally creates a stand-offish sort of debate situation.
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Became a fan of "The Show Goes On" it. But just saw a very disappointing interview! Lupe came across as uneducated and obviously knows nothing with respect to world politics, political/religous history/future. Most of all, a HUGE disappointment to our service men and women. They are over there, hearing our own citizens bash them and their leader/CINC. They sleep to mortars, IED's, weapon's fire... not knowing if they will be blown away in their sleep!!! We do not need "Vietnam" type protesters, we need pride, prayers and support! Please Lupe, don't speak up unless you at least have the respect to know about the subject enough to effectively articulate your way through an interview! Why don't you look into a Soldier, Sailor, Marine's life and empathize with that!!!!! Go to Afghanistan, visit the troops and educate yourself!!!
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To all the Christians on this board, in order to please Israel, America is trying to exterminate the entire Muslim world. America will invade any Muslim country Israel does not like.While Christians and Jews might love Obama. It is Muslim children Obama is murdering to please Israel. What is the best way for Obama to prove he is not a Muslim? He invades every Muslim country Israel orders him to invade.
PINAR300's picture

Great job on O"Reilly.It is not your fans that are stupid. It is O'Reilly and his stupid in-bred white trash audience that is stupid and ignorant. According to O'Reilly all Muslims are terrorists.According to racist bigot O'Reilly Obama is doing a great job blowing up thousands of Muslim children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria,Iran, Somalia, Iraq. Is there a Muslim country left that Obama has not invaded to please Israel. Obama is nothing but an Israeli Zionist puppet. Unlike O'Reilly's retarded in-bred audience, most of you fans are very educated and are your fans because we can think for ourselves
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@ Harliqueen Come'on read something. What I wrote below WAS part of the orginal address to congress to ask for the right to go to war. On Sept 20th 2001 President Bush addressed a joint session of congress. It was not until October 7th 2001 that he, BUSH, addressed the nation and the first combat action occured in Afghanistan. Here are some other important timelines: On 20 September 2001, the U.S. stated that Osama bin Laden was behind the 11 September attacks in 2001. The U.S. made a five point ultimatum to the Taliban:. 1.Deliver to the U.S. all of the leaders of al-Qaeda 2.Release all imprisoned foreign nationals 3.Close immediately every terrorist training camp 4.Hand over every terrorist and their supporters to appropriate authorities 5.Give the United States full access to terrorist training camps for inspection Again this is what BUSH brought to congress while asking for a declaration of war. On 21 September 2001, the Taliban rejected this ultimatum, stating there was no evidence in their possession linking bin Laden to the 11 September attacks. On 7 October 2001, the Taliban proposed to try bin Laden in Afghanistan in an Islamic court. This proposition was immediately rejected by the U.S. Shortly afterward due to it did not comply with our ultimatum, the same day, United States and British forces initiated military action against the Taliban, bombing Taliban forces and al-Qaeda terrorist training camps. Again I am concerned that the people that don't know speak and the people that know say nothing. It is true that Bin Laden was one of the reason but he was never the entire reason. I am sure you mean well but the fact that you are sitting at a computer and do not bother to look up the truth before posting your thoughts says all that needs to be said. Again to my original point, Lupe, please continue to speak your mind, be continue to be a leader and influencer, but do it with facts.
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@Cane : I guess no one remembers all the t-shirts calling Bush a terrorist!!?? this isn't the first time someone called a president a terrorist. Lupe is making a statement about our foreign policy. We have military personnel in practically every major country in the world, what for?? We need to bring all our troops home and just play defense, not world police.
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Lupe, As a fan I am so disappointed in you, and the fact that you have me agreeing with Bill O'Reilly! What you are saying is very misleading. And calling our President a Terrorist? You are worse than the Tea Party racists. You have to understand that there are young people listening to what you say that do not have the knowledge to know what you are saying is total Bull Sh*t. First off, the U.S. always knew that Bin Laden was NOT in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan. The reason troops were sent into Afghanistan had nothing to do with capturing Bin Laden, but everything to do with crippling Al Qaeda and the Al Qaeda run Government. For example, say you want to disband and capture the leader of the Gangster Disciples, but you know he is on the run somewhere in California. You are still going to the Southside of Chicago, because you know that is where main operations are being conducted. Lupe, I think you are smarter than what you showed in that interview. Take a minute and think about what the Fu*k you are saying and I believe you will realize it is without merit and very irresponsible. Looking forward to becoming a fan again. Signed, A grown man educated enough to not believe the B.S. you are saying...
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@cane thats not what he says. He saying that what was told to the public by BUSH was that we were invading Afghanistan on a hunt for Bin Laden and his constituents.It was never called Operation Enduring Freedom until after the reasons changed and so many were killed. I'm pretty sure we were all there when the reasons for entering Afghanistan kept changing and changing until they settled on one thing. and you obviously don't know him well enough to know that Lupe does not vote on politics because he feels that the politicians are not worth the support. Therefore, he's not calling himself a terrorist. Hell he didn't even vote for Obama.That address to congress did not come until people started to actually wonder what the heck we were in Afghanistan for. Lupe did what he should've, stood by his opinion and gave it a logical explanation for all that he said. If you took the time to research as well, you would realize that we were never given a solid reason. O'Reilly can argue that we did all this in parts, but the MAIN reason he gave for us entering Afghanistan was not the same reason we had at the very start of this War on Terror and that is what he was pointing out. He's telling you to be aware and take notice of what is being said to you compared to what you see happening. I think the fact that he stood his ground against someone known for contradicting himself, being biased, and overall bullying anyone who debates with him is admirable. He is a perfect example of how kids should be: unafraid to speak their mind and what they know!
SunnyDNike's picture

It was pretty bad on Lupe's part. I normally don't agree with Bill, but he was right. To call Obama a terrorist is fine, but please, back up your claim with facts. While it is true that we went into Afghanistan to kill Osama bin Laden, that wasn't our main cause. We needed to remove the Taliban-ruled government from spreading into other parts of the Middle East. It was pretty courageous for Lupe to speak his mind, just don't make your self looks ignorant in national television
Cane's picture

Just saw this interview. Have to say it is pretty embarrassing. Shame on you for not knowing why we went to war in Afghanistan. If you think the US, the president, and/or the congress would allow thousands of troops into harms way for just a single man hunt then you are deranged. Also to call the office of president and the country you live in "terrorists" is basically calling yourself a terrorist as you voted to elect the president and the officials of congress that approved the declaration of war. There is no shame in voicing your opinion, it is the single greatest right we have as a citizen of this great country, but do it with facts. That interview was your chance to shine and stand out, but the only thing that stood out was your ignorance in politics and the history of this country. While there are probably some additional reason we started Operation Enduring Freedom that our government is keeping close to the vest, it was for sure not just to find one single individual. The Bush administration originally masked it under the following address to congress. The initial military objectives of OEF-A, as articulated by Former President George W. Bush in his 20 Sept. Address to a Joint Session of Congress and his 7 Oct. address to the country, included the destruction of terrorist training camps and infrastructure within Afghanistan, the capture of al-Qaeda leaders, and the cessation of terrorist activities in Afghanistan." O'Reilly was right tonight, there is a generation of kids/young adults that look up to you and listen to you. You have the ability to challenge today's youth and teach them to think for themselves. Please do not ruin it by being too lazy to research the facts before stating fiction. Tonight's interview was truly shameful.
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FOX NEWS REALLY??!!!...I missed it, but i cant wait to watch that one
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The debate was edited out SO BADLY, because Lupe clearly owns O'Reilly and only show crap where he was disrupted by o'reilly. I WANT TO SEE THE FULL VERSION. (yes I seen it live, yes it was edited out like crazy also)
Sean's picture

I think yo did great with Bill! I would love to see the unedited interview! I bet you put him in his place!! Thank you!!

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