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New Music: T.I. - "I'm Back"

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Busy's picture
on March 08, 2010

The King's back! What y'all think of this one?



Tyler.JM's picture

I'm likin it, good to hear more music from T.I. Great song, was expecting just a -little bit- more though.
1228dagreat's picture

louie0612's picture

im feeling this joint!
gritsneggs's picture

This dude says T.I. is a biter....he may just be right yall:
TruthDivine's picture

bout time he snapped on a track like the good old days!
mgd23420's picture

same old, forgettable.
Gl1tch's picture

Not bad I guess... Same old shit...
JediJ's picture

its firm and to the point and even though I'm not really a T.I. fan it's good to hear him back
justin hines's picture

this single is pure fire
Brannu's picture

Nothing less from the King.
UnknownMarauda's picture

The King of the South is finally back. We've been waiting for a minute now.
equiradeyaun's picture

soooo good to hear his voice
Austin Spilman's picture

trvsdms's picture

It's nice. I'll have to listen to it a few more times to really judge.

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