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MTV's Spring Break 2011

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  • MTV's Spring Break 2011
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    March 28, 2011

    Lupe's "The Show Goes On" performance from Spring Break premieres on MTV this Tuesday 3/29 during Teen Mom 2 @ 9PM. After head over to to watch it over again and over again!!!

    In the meantime, check out Fiasco's killer performances of "Words I Never Said" and "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" below! FNF UPpers! Lasers in stores/online NOW!


    "Words I Never Said" [Live From MTV's Spring Break]

    "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" [Live from MTV's Spring Break]

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on March 28, 2011

Lupe's "The Show Goes On" performance from Spring Break premieres on MTV this Tuesday 3/29 during Teen Mom 2 @ 9PM. After head over to to watch it over again and over again!!!

In the meantime, check out Fiasco's killer performances of "Words I Never Said" and "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" below! FNF UPpers! Lasers in stores/online NOW!


"Words I Never Said" [Live From MTV's Spring Break]

"I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" [Live from MTV's Spring Break]


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I suppose the positive in all this and what to hope for is that someone in the audience remembers Words I Never Said and cops the album and listens to it fully. Who knows maybe one day when they are older they can give it another listening and comprehend it much better than they used to. Just so some of you know, I've been a big Lupe fan ever since Lupe the Jedi and the Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtape series, so don't come at me with no, "I'm a Lupe hater bullshit". I was listening to some of worse parts of Lasers and liking them, when some of ya'll were hatin' hard on it. I don't wanna call myself a grassroots Lupe fan, but if I'm not one of them, then I don't who is. Ya'll got me twisted so much if you think I'm a hater. Don't get it twisted.
Lonewriter's picture

Listen, I'm not hating or anything, and (for the 100th), I KNOW WHAT HE IS TRYING TO DO! I respect the revolution he is trying to start, but like Cynide said, I don't if this song is going to wake anyone up. My ONLY argument was that Words I Never Said was wasted on these people. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now was perfect. Even The Show Goes On was good. Its not my place to tell ANY star what or when to perform and yes that comment would make me an asshole. I'm just merely stating an opinion that this wasn't the proper venue for Words I Never Said. I don't know why you are hating on me for a comment that is painstakingly obvious with the reaction of the audience. I know Lu was suicidal, I know all this. Is waking people up something that you do daily JohnCP? I don't waste my time waking people up when they don't want to be woken up. There is a big difference between people who are ignorant because they have no choice and people who choose to be ignorant. I'll stfu now.
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boomboom988's picture

Lupe you inspired me to write this... "Underwarter Vison" Things r getting so blurry feel like i got underwater vision, Searching for the surface but all i c is these fishes, Keeping me under this water is their only mission, So I'm beyond the position of thoughts, hopes, & wishes, There in the water with my blurry vision, i have a premonition, focus on the prize and my intuition, without a moments notice... huh clear vision. Let me know what y'all think... "stay floating" mb
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I highly doubt this performance woke anyone up that was there, it's just ironic is all. Like performing words i never said for Bush and Obama.That would be a trip. lol
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You haters are making acts in an anal-retentive manner, and making a big fuss out of a relatively minor problem. don't get your panties all in a bunch. YES they're all there for drinks and partying ( my assumption ) but you forgot one thing. This is NATIONAL TELEVISION for fucks sakes. It's called waking people up. It's something that I doubt you do daily which I'm sure Lu does. I don't see any of you trying to start a revolution and open eyes about this fucked up world. Oh right, you can't because you're too scared to do that. Lupe didn't sell out. I call it a sacrifice. Just like what PAC did. Use your brain. It was you guys that begged for lasers. "My hearts been gone for a while, yours been the one keeping me alive" He made a sacrifice for his fans, lucky you got that or he probably would of killed himself. You wanted it, now you have it. Now stop bitching about when and where he performs and enjoy his fucking music.
johncp89's picture

W/e who gives a fuck where he performs. I got tickets to his show tomorrow =)
tebrown14's picture

Those people definately didn't deserve that performance. Half of them throwin beach balls around while he's tryin to do his thing? How disrespectful. It reminded me of children getting bored when someone's tryin to tell them somethin important. No Lasers in that audience.
Fizza's picture

Keep up the good work Lupe! We need people like you to spread the message in the world. Even if people are too ignorant to see whats going on and realize what the corrupt governments are doing.
O.B.G.'s picture

Nonsense in its purist forms, WTF what's that? rapping concious songs for half-naked girls in the pool ????? talking about Islam, the so called war on terror for people who come to party, have fun and trully don't give a damn about what you're sayin', other thing does MTV is that dumb to bring your sell out wack dumb it down ass to sing "Words I Never Said" which contain a direct diss to reality/dating shows television???? you've become more disappointing Wasalu and you don't deserve the name Muhammed.
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@Xeniya, you have a good point, that if he just rapped to us and no one else he wouldn’t be able to get his ideas across to people who need it most. And if he got his message across to one person it would was worth it. But as Lonewriter said out of love and respect for the Truth and Lupe, it just hurts to see that a message so heavy was probably disregarded by most people there. It was a close call, I’m sure what he intended was to get the message across to those people, even if he had to perform at a venue that goes against what he stands for. It’s not easy to be Lupe in these times, and it’s not easy to say what he says. I can’t judge his intentions, all can say is that I didn’t think it was the most appropriate place from what I feel. Much love to you Lupe, keep doing what you do. The world needs you.
Lonewriter's picture

This is just another example of how the world needs more of your kind of music and less of stuff glamorizing all of these shallow things, fun or not. I'm not against people having fun, but knowing that, there is a time and a place to perform such a selection. But kudos to you man for doing your revolutionary thing and trying to spread the message that the world doesn't realize they need to hear yet. I have the utmost respect for you.
Lonewriter's picture

Too bad he didn't have Trey there with him.
Lonewriter's picture

I know what you guys are talking about and I know that some people desperately NEED to hear this song. I also know that this is getting you out there Lu and I'm really not trying to knock your hustle because you do need the funds to do the right thing. It just hurts to see and hear you being downplayed and ignored because of such stupid reasons. But I suppose if there is at least one person in the audience who is honestly listening or a small group of people who get it and aren't shitfaced out of their mind or dumb as hell, then I suppose its worth the effort and while, I think the venue is inappropriate, Xeniya and Denier do have a point, I agree that if we were the only kind of people that Lu performed in front of, then he would never spread the message to anyone else, but the people who already know what's going on. Like I said, it just hurts seeing him under-appreciated. Personally, I feel he should've just stopped after I Don't Wanna Care Right Now. That is PERFECT song for the Spring Break crowd on MTV and considering that Atlantic is probably behind that record, it is perfectly appropriate. That song and Out of My Head would have fit this venue the best out of everything on the record.
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Keep on doing what you do Lupe, it's sorely needed in this world. The first time I heard Words I never said, I was like wow, it hit me deep down big time. I've researched all that you've talked about and more, you're straight on point man. People need to wake up, you got the platform. Can't knock the hustle, on MTV, but I know you know what's up. Use it man, hopefully you wake up some folks. Godspeed to you man, and all that you do. Be safe
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823556785's picture

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@Everyone really I totally understand where everyone's comin from but I think @DenierLa said it best sometimes people just wanna have fun. Hell there could be some Lupe fans in the crowd, but you never know later on some people might've loved I don't wanna care right now, searched Lupe and BAM! you have a new Laser. Anything can spark interest, was Words I never said out of place. Nope...because it was literally and metaphorically directed at everyone there even Pauly D realized that. That's the people that fall for it the most they're the ones that really have to learn. If he raps in front of a bunch of Lasers everyday it'll never spread to anyone else but the already conscious people. FNF UP! Lupe's the G.O.A.T.
bboutelle's picture

@Lonewriter, could not agree more.
johncp89's picture

I love how that jersey shore dude just laughs after lupe said the jersey shore verse. Cus he knows lupe is right and speaking truth.
Ummi84's picture

Totally agree with Lonewriter...I found that the venue was inappropriate for Lupe and his message. I almost couldn't stand watching him there. I know he has to promote LASERS but I think the disrespect and contradiction to the message outweighed the benefit of the promotion.
I__SawDay's picture

I DONT WANNA CARE RIGHT NOOOOwwww!!!!!! i wish i was there :)
patbox88's picture

weird......crowd looks like somethin from the 90's or some shit
md kmd3's picture

So i just wanted to tell Lupe personally, thank you for L.A.S.E.R.S. it really did help me get through a tough time in my life, and onto happier times through remembering what my father taught me. I am trying to be a laser everyday and even though some people said it wasn't what they had expected, it was everything for a young cincy kid who realized he needed to become a better person
MysticVirgo's picture

Well, I can't really judge the people who are thee, and label them all douches. Some of the people in the audience may be cerebral thinkers who just wantedto have fun for a day. Having said that, it is definitely ironic to see such a brilliant lyricist on MTV.....the dumbest channel on TV next to VH1. However, it's called promotion, so don't knock the hustle folks. Kudos to Lupe!!!
johncp89's picture

cant wait till he shows up in my town the two tickets...hope that drummer comes too hes cold xD
denierla's picture

Who cares if they were partying during the song. True it is a song that has a much deeper meaning. But if the message strikes a chord with a small group of people, the job is done. My hope is more people will really reach back to his first albums and really appreciate the messages in his music. MTV is just a platform, he's no sellout. I'm not mad just glad dude has a platform to reach a larger audience. Our dollars keeps the checks coming in for him to keep touring.
Mike_5's picture

@Lonewriter, I couldnt have put it into better words myself. I completely thought and agree with everything you just said. As I sat and watched him perform "Words I Never Said" all I could look at was how many people weren't listening to the message in the lyrics...
Lonewriter's picture

Man... Lupe is so out of place here. What is the realest MC in Hip Hop doing at an event targeted to a cesspool of some of the most fakest people in the world? I have no idea. The meaning of the song is trodden all over because all the audience wants to do is party. Dudes are still splashing water over each other... girls are trying to shake their cleavage all over the place... this is not one of those songs. Words I Never Said should never be performed in this kind of environment because with all the ignorant or drunk people you find at these kind of things, there is no one to really appreciate the message. People are probably concerned with where they are going to get there next bit of alcohol or whose trying to have sex tonight. Those are the kinds of things that these kind of people think about a lot of the time and its part of what's wrong with this country right now. Lupe, don't feed into that. I know these people need to hear that song, but like some lyrics being overshadowed by distracting beats and overblown choruses, the message in this song is downplayed because of the ignorant drunken yells and fake boobs bouncing everywhere. Its hard to watch someone so real and intelligent being downplayed for the sake of such shallowness.


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