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on July 28, 2010



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Dunno Lupe, I feel you with all this, but man.. it's almost the end of the year that you have stated the the release would be, at this time.. I just really want to get the album by Xmas..Spent all year talking how dope the concert was and the songs you have mention you would have on the album and I'm getting smacked in the face with " Where's he at? " I will always stay a fan, but as a fan I'm being degraded by Haters.. You need to release and Shut all these haters up..."Notice no other Rapper can ever say anything negative towards you" We Wait and we hungry, love to get that food for thought.. (Don't use this)
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I'd slap my own mom if it would help towards getting this album released soon ?
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yea, i need some real hip hop cuz dese niggaz now talkin bull and im sick of it. they disgracin the radio. i dnt even listen to da radio anymore. i just go on youtube and check 4 new music. and to the leakers, cut that sh*t out! the fck, i need lasers!
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@702CITY That's exactly how I feel. Everyday I was checking the site to see if there is a release date. I got tired of it. I'm not even angry anymore, more like sad :(
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We sick of all this dumb bullshit. So True. Damn it's been too long. I was truly hyped about the album when they said it was to be released in Dec. I've never been so excited about an album when all this BS about holding back the album came out, I was crushed. Till a couple of months ago, I was still hoping for at least a damn release date but now all this hype about Lasers has been declining, well for me, but I still have love for Lupe and the songs. But best believe when Atlantic announce Laser's drop date, I'll be hyped once more.
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Lupe I love when you're straight up about stuff like this - sometimes you're too nice, tell Atlantic what you really think of all the other shit comin out and fuckin release Lasers ;D
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I think that's a clear indicator that lasers isn't going to be what were waiting for
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guys didn't you hear?
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im up for boycotting @Jeremiah! LOL
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Lupe just keep commin with the real you been commin with , #1 Fan
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i wonder if the petition will actually work... if it doesnt mabye we can boycott something lol
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alright Lupe.
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release the lasers!!!!

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