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on March 12, 2010

No beef here. FNF UP!!!



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Being a rapper is more than just the record sales, more than the popularity, it's about reaching out to your fans and projecting your message
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....some kids just want to be astrophysicsts..... right on Lup. lol remember remember the sixteenth of May. WE ARE NOT LOSERS.....
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I love being able to hear somebody say that for once, he does not want to be jay Z no matter how rich and powerful he might have become. I love Lupe because he has a humility about him that makes the amount of money he gets irrelevant. He's not powerhungry or star struck. Lupe Fiasco is just a regular dude doing what he loves. I wish I could find more sincere people out there.[cmd]
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Im with FRESH2DEATHSHEIS.... idk what comment he made about Jay but whatever the case may be, you can tell his clarification was sincere... Lupe is not even the beef type....
fresh2deathsheis's picture

real talk. how can any one beef with lupe?
louie0612's picture

i completely agree wit lupe...this is why he's hands down one of my fav emcees of all time...just a real dude
Tomiwa's picture

what jay-z comment did he make?
iHeartMusic's picture

loveeeeeee youuuu. true hip hop :)))
adk's picture

Well put. Your literally changing rap, with new style and soul. Keep evolving and making great music. Your fan base is a result of your success. Can't wait to see you in concert for the first time - Boston, MA.
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Which is why I love you! No status quo, no saying only what sounds good. Having an opinion and stating it while being articulate enough to further elaborate to those who don't understand.

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