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  • Drake's So Far Gone Is Mixtape Of The Year...
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    December 14, 2009

    Def one of my favorites this year. Do you agree with MTV?

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on December 14, 2009

Def one of my favorites this year. Do you agree with MTV?


FiL.dUbz's picture

Jay-Z says everyones a breath of fresh air... lol!
RollingBoBo's picture

Drake is just trying to be lil wayne. he aint shit compared to wale or anyone
switchitup09's picture

im sorry i dont wanna be a hater or any thing but i really think drake is garbage he shud stik to his choruses cus if you really pay attantion to him all his metaphors and simalies are jus juiced up runn offs from lil wayne the ancestor of this sso called beast nnamed drake my bro luvs him (no homo) but i dont like him ill give him some songs though
Jserrata's picture

Is It Just Me Or Does Drake Sound Like An Earlier Lupe? His Flow Borrows From Lupe's, And Jay-Z Once Said That Lupe Was "A Breath Of Fresh Air".
Coreythesk8boardKing's picture

No the best mixtape of the year :Enemy Of The State: A Love Story
B.BellZ's picture

As Far as Album of the year is kinda of a toss up to me: Kid Cudi Man on the Moon was fire!!!! even tho it was more alternative rap than hip hop Jay-Z BP3 Wale Attention Deficit Asher Roth Asleep in the bread Aisle Clispe till the casket drop is Heavy also Ghostface Ghostdini too many to name this year, Real Hip Hop coming BACK!
B.BellZ's picture

I agree wit dude below me. Drake is OK so far gone was too commerical and Drake's word play is not all that lets be real, and im not hatin just a fan of real music. There were so many other hot mixtapes that were WAYYYYY better than so far gone such as: J.Cole Warm Up, Wale and 9th Wonder Back to the Feature, Big Sean UKNOWBIGSEAN, and Lupe had the best mixtape this YEAR!!! Enemy of the State is a Classic and that shit just dropped! Drake just gettin more buzz thats it Lyrically he aint fuckin wit Lupe, Wale, or J.Cole
William Velarde's picture

I have a hard time callin' this the mixtape of the year, because it was rerelease as an album. Either way...Wale and 9th Wonder Back to the Feature, J Cole The Warm Up, and despite lasting only slightly longer than 22 minutes Lup's Enemy of the State Wale's Attention Deficit is my pick for best album. I mean, I enjoy Drake, but only for clever wit and one liners. When he starts kick knowledge about something more than fame, fortune and the misfortune of fame, which anyone would deal with, then i might consider album and/or mixtape of the year. If Lup can dumb it down on the Say Anything freestyle, Drake might want to consider smartin' it up.
LyfeFiasco's picture

Drake has no originality everything he raps about I've already heard from some other artist.
Anonymous's picture

Best of 2009, I'm hoping i hear it in 10 days. Friend of the people!!!!!!!!!!
HTG's picture

Drake...perhaps it's the "Wayne factor" that causes me to believe this award was given to the wrong artist...
IAmFinallyFamous's picture

Charles Hamilton was great, but Ima go Mike Posner Matter of Time. Drug Dealer Girl , Smoke and Drive, the Remix of Halo... the cd is stacked with hits!
AreJae's picture

I don't agree. He's a nice rapper but does not deserve mixtape of the year. He got ladies to like him with that radio hit, and what do guys do? Like shit that girls like or find someway to make it cool to them cuz in the long wrong it might get them pussy! haha. Cuz that song helped me get some. "You the 'best' i ever had" But artistically he stuff isn't original.
ecko_219's picture

dude below is right. stop hating. he's good. mass appeal.
NerdAtDaCoolTable09's picture

Charles Hamilton - Well Isn't This Awkward and J Cole's The Warm Up are better than this one and the winner should have been out of them
WeezMa's picture

I HATE YOU DRAKE HATERS!!! The dude is nice, just admit it, if it's not your lane don't fuck wit it but please just give credit where credit is due!! DAMN!!!
Jaybird's picture

wale's - back to the feature was pure fire not to mention the idle warship mix
scyfa's picture

i really feel like hes really good, but there is better, i call drake lil west, which is not a good thing, u want to hear a real good mix tape, check out this might be the new shady listen to this and say its not tight.
Bumper's picture

it was good..i still like How Fly and Flight School better..
AK-47's picture

DAMIT....why drake!?
the coolest_4's picture

i prefer 'how fly' then this one, then yours or 'no ceilings'
NextSundance's picture

I remember when you were a "breath of fresh air" you're a whirlwind.
Gleam_Of_LightTripleSevens's picture

He got what he earned, nice rapper..
AP_3's picture

Charles Hamilton - Well Isn't This Awkward
KimoTh3rapy's picture

just because of the hits off it, not because of the actual skill.
DanielShar's picture

Yeah and Tiger Woods is father of the year. Fuck outta here.
JUGERNAUT's picture

i was a good mixtape, but can't agree with that. but what can i say i'm a hater! haters mobilize
RoDKnEE's picture

I agree with GNMGNT... XV deserved that over anyone.... Vizzy!
JohnB23's picture

I dont know if I agree, but I understand why.. This mixtape is the only reason why I even thought he was good. It was different and really started that new singer/rapper style. Plus all the girls like him so like I said, dont agree, but I see how
gnmgnt's picture

Honestly, I thought XV's Everybody's Nobody was way better just didn't have as much hyper

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