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Mos Def Interview w/ DJ Semtex (Video)

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Busy's picture
on December 12, 2009

The big homie Semtex chops it up with Mos Def.


thugish786's picture

man him and Lu need to do a record with eacthother
JamesC's picture

Its so great that he showed that he respects his culture enough to not make it a gimmick. Yes, Gangstalious was pretty funny. Great guy, Great Music, Hip Hop Artist 4 Ever!
Kat's picture

Great viddd
Droolin's picture

Mos is that dude.real inspiring soul
Oloni_2's picture

semtex ! Whoop reppin the UK ! I was so jealous of him for this ! x
KimoTh3rapy's picture

Mos Def is so freakin good.
William_ill's picture

Dope, Mos is my homeboy

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