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Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...

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  • Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...
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    July 29, 2010

    I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?

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Busy's picture
on July 29, 2010

I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?


OttawaRyan's picture

I'm truly representing many of the thousands of Lupe Fiasco fans up here in Canada that love you and want to see and hear more of you. No bullshit, you're lyrically gifted beyond comprehension- so much so that even after listening to your songs on repeat on my iPod, in my car and on my computer day in and day out I still find new meaning to old songs. Hip Hop needs Lupe, no no the world needs Lupe. With that being said, I would love to get my hands on anything you give away! Ryan
Edwuurd's picture

atlantic city NJ you heard me?!?!? I'll take anyone of those lol
ChristianFOGG's picture

You should them to Birmingham, AL since you’ll probably never make your way down here...:/
wibby92's picture

i would be forever grateful especially for the cube :)
sweetheart's picture

i want that rubiks cube
SMoKeD1313's picture

you made a "the cool" rubix cube... thats so badass! i want it!
Ashley Bounsouaysana's picture

I want him to release Stereo Surge, Beautiful Lasers, State Run Radio, and Scream. I heard Lu said the songs he performed on his tour won't be on the Lasers album. :( I have the youtube audio videos for those songs on my ipod.haha. -Ashley Bounsouaysana
DavidRking's picture

hey lupe love your music and everything you do out there you know much love. its your musice that gave me hope and gave my life meaning you know i feel better after listening to your tracks. and if i could have anything that has your name or anything you once owned that would be amazing for real man. now i know am not a loser in life am a LASER . FNF all day.
elad21's picture

i want it!!! been down since the debut album FnF all day
Weggie's picture

I want it sooooo bad lupe!!!! IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! -Weggie
BezGuanga's picture

FNL changed my life. your discussion you had with Cornell West at Calvin College was played during my orientation. your words inspire and motivate. big ups to your work man. and having that fader magazine cover would be pretty dope too haha. If i can't have it, then Lazers needs to drop soon! i've been waiting for a minute
Yeezy's picture

I want it! we ARE LAZERS
Kaja_01's picture

Ohh please oh please oh please! This would be the greatest thing ever! In the world! I appreciate Lupe's music so much. He truly is the greatest there is. I love Lupe!! So muchh (:
AnthOhKnee's picture

I really don't mind if I don't get it or not your still my favorite rapper ever and your songs truly speak to me as a person and as a rapper my self. -Anthony
aaserali's picture

i would LOVE some of this stuff! appreciate it, my niggas
allicat0113's picture

Idc if I get it or not, i just hope you know your music has changed my life.
FnF_Up's picture

I wants! - Roberto
Lupethefiasco's picture

lupeeeeeee Ill do anything for this you name it! your changing the generation rock on!
Tru's picture

I Gots that Mixtape,Already Lu,But Good Looking Out Nonetheless.
z3k3's picture

Im just a huge Lupe fan from the UK! no bullsh*t story lol, but i would like them :)
Pride X's picture

I've heard all the mixtapes, all the songs, and even when those BASTARDS would leak it, I'd buy the album to support such a great artist. I think we're all Lupe's biggest fans. FNF ^
SOL_LOW10's picture

Mr. Fiasco (W. Jaco), Your music has passed ALL Expectations any Artists could set as a Goal. I was brought up in a house listening to Old School, or as my Father like to refer as 'Real Music'. Real Music is more than 'how many 1/2 naked women you could get to shake their goods in front a camara' or 'how Awsome it's suppose to be to earn money as a Dope Boy'. Sunshine' From Food& Liquor was the perfect song to describe my first love. 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life' from your Album 'The Cool', opened my eyes to view the world differently. It's hard 2 describe the inspiration you have given me to Keep my Head Up, Hard Work Pays Off, & What an education can do 4 u n life. N my eyes, Your Music is Real Music that Any Generation can sit back & Enjoy. THATS WHY I THINK I DESERVE A PIECE OF YOUR LEGACY. Solomon L. Johnson
TallulahNerdBane's picture

Oh i see ppl are writing essays! Well.......i feel im one of his biggest fans because he is the only artist in the rap game that ihave never doubted.Most of these rappers come in cause a lil noise then fade, i knew Lupe wasnt going anywhere regardless of his status.He speaks ppl listen, dumb shit doesnt spill from his lips.You ask these rappers nowadays a question about religion or politics and the look at you dumdfounded then give a stupid reponse.smh Lu's the truth and im not just sayin that to get some merchandise, everyone who knows me knows that im Lupe all day! But at the same time of loving his music and being, i can easily call out his flaws, we arent perfect yet some of these "stans" feel we as ppl should be.anyways ummm yea so i love Lupe,and ummm i want and need some goods! ima fiend!!!!!!! gimme my fix!!!!! *scratches arm* =) -Ashley....
Ashley Bounsouaysana's picture

I want his goods so bad! I'm the biggest Lupe fan ever! I never met Lupe and I always tried to. Whenever he comes down to Dallas, I go to every concert even the secret one he had at UTA a few years back. Whenever Lupe comes out with his new music I sometimes burst into tears cause his lyricism is so amazing. When I found out Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco were in the studio together, I was in tears also but just a little. I wasn't crying crazy. The tears were tears of joy ya know!? I know I sound weird but it's the truth. I look for new music for Lupe almost everyday like I do to other artists too. I actually go on the Lupend Blog everyday. His "Enemy of the State" mixtape was genius. What I enjoy most about Lupe is his music. I like how you have to think when you listen to his lyrics. You have to know a lot of history and knowledge to understand. I like how he's different from other rappers. I love his storytelling ability when he raps. He will never get you bored. I also enjoy how he talks about what's going on in the world instead of what the rappers usually talk about (Money, girls..etc).I hate the ringtone rappers in this decade. My most memorable moment I had with Lupe was when I went to his Steppin Lasers Tour Concert in Dallas a few months ago. I was in the front row and we sang a part of the "I'm Beamin" verse. We sang it together. He was looking straight at me and we both sang "Do you remember me, the guy from verse one? Failure’s my last name, Never’s my first one You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some ,Hood’s where the heart is, nerd’s where the words from." Then he pulled down his glasses to look at me. That was so amazing! Anyways, I just wanted to share a story. I would love some Lupe goods. :) But if you don't choose me, I'll be cool with it. Atleast I tried. -Ashley Bounsouaysana
williamsolis's picture

KixMKE's picture

I will tattoo the cool emblem on my arm. Is that a big enough fan?
masterofdarkhadou's picture

I will walk barefoot all the way to Chicago to cop some Lupe goods. Pick me!!!!!!!
fiasco-winchester's picture

Lupe supporter til death. LASERS UP!!! Biggest fan right here!
MysBlu4_2's picture

I want it!!!!!!!! What do I have to do to get it?
Austin Scotti's picture

I'm always on the search for new Lupe stuff. I'm a ridiculous fan. I'm currently in possession of the Dita Lupe Fiasco Midnight Special Glasses, the entire new Spring line of Trilly & Truly, as well as his Trilly & Truly Varisty Jacket, I have both his editions of Converse Hi-Tops, and his Greedy Genius shoes, and finally I have the whole set of the Fallacy of Rome line. So any awesome stuff of Lupe I willing to do whatever to grab. F N F UP!


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