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Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...

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  • Lupe's Biggest Fan? I Got Some Goods...
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    July 29, 2010

    I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?

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Busy's picture
on July 29, 2010

I was cleaning up my office and I found some Lupe goodies. Signed Fader magazine cover, 8x10 publicity image from F&L days, The Cool rubix cube and the DJ Envy mixtape from pre-FNL. Who wants?


COOLC's picture

is this over brah, I could use those for my dorm wall it looks like a prison cell in here!
BoiWonder's picture

@E.J. i agree, no doubt about it. i would love the shit but it aint the death of me and i aint suckin no dick to get. whoever does congrats and to mi fam bak home ill be bak soon enuff keep holdin it down. @lupe's fan base jus keep holdin the man down he deserves his shine hes to dope not to.
E.J.'s picture

look we all BIG Lupe fans. We ALL love hip hop (obviously if we listen to the man). How can u rank a listener the "biggest fan". A tattoo doesnt prove much, having every song Lupe has made doesnt prove much cuz theres alot of people who can say that. The point is these items shouldnt go to the "biggest fan" but the most deserving. How someone will figure out who that is, is beyond me. Congratz to the recipient, much love Lupe keep doin ya thing and see if u can toss that ill rubiks cube my way cuz i love those things. Peace
Got2Lovett's picture

You called me and my boy Gio up on stage in Minnesota, April 20th. With the WE ARE LASERS tattoos. No need to say more, biggest fans. Peace and much love.
BoiWonder's picture

You single handed saved hip hop i listen to this shit religously and i feel confident in wht im sayin ur the savior now there are a "FEW GOOD MEN" out there but i give the credit when its do. I saw u in nawleans at the hard rock a few years bak and ill go the the box sayin tht it was the dopest live performance ill ever have the privledge to attend i appreciate wht u do , for stayin tru to the art and for doin u 100 i would take tht shit in a beat while noddin im in iraq as of now an it would be sumthin to come home to haha i have a heart never been the tin type, never do i drop dimes never been the ten type keep killin em ONE p.s. ppl said i aint orginal cuz i got the cool symbols inked on my forearm but i jus said there the product of wht it means HOLLA!!!!!!
Daan's picture

Lupe! I'm not saying that I'm your biggest fan. I'm only telling you that it 'd be great if you would consider sending those goodies to me, I'm from the Netherlands, listening your music since 2001. Since you dropped The Cool, I've been trying to convince my friends to listen to your music and I'm quite good at it, I've noticed. Sorry for my language, I'm Dutch, as I told you. Hope your album will be released soon, peace! Daan
DavidRking's picture

ok TAL one your drunk ok lol and two how often do you get have something once owned by LUPE FIASCO !!!!!! YES WE ALL KNOW HIS MUSIC IS AMAZING!!!!! you ffffuck but to have something with lupes name is something different cause he is LEGEND!!!!! so go fuck your self and have a nice day ;D
Tal's picture

Why does everyone want this stuff so much? His music is amazing, not his signature, or his stuff.
bkariya22's picture

I would do unreasonable things for those Lupe relics O_O
Indigo's picture

Lupe I'm nowhere near your biggest fan even though I listen to all your mixtapes and albums, but that's some amazing stuff. Your music is something special and I hope your album is released soon. Good luck to whoever gets it
Dice's picture

I would spend hours on here repeatedly posting in hopes that I will win but I'm sure it wont help.. So I guess I'll just ask once. I would absolutely love it if I were the one to receive these items. I'm a big fan and love your music and wish you the best with your career. So a big shoutout from brooklyn, NY to you and the whole FnF Army.
DavidRking's picture

alright lupe this is my last one that ill post but i know i might not get this stuff cause maybe there is more people out there then me who should get this stuff but i am a huge fan, my favorite rapper and no one makes me feel good inside as you do. i prey that i get this stuff and i prey that you live life to the fullest, i know am trying. i never cared for anything or anyone anymore cause the people who i loved or tried just walk away i have no friends and my first girl played me for a fool and thats why i thought i was a loser i have no job, school is hard but am tryin you know and when i heard that LASERS is coming out and what it stands for it gave me hope, thats what make me smile. i listen to your music day and night i prey that am coolest one, day day dreaming in class if i would ever meet the right girl but everyone seems to be a intruder to me and the walls just wont come down i always try to stay real as i can be, stay true maybe it can bring the right people to me and that one day i will be beaming and my days will be full of sunshine. from my heart lupe i love your music i hope you dont stop. much love to ya! keep it real lupe FNF forever. your boy David Rivera.
christiekremey's picture

omg lupe! i looooove you so much. you know how those people say that Dilla changed their life..well YOU're the one who changed my life. i have so much of your music on my ipod. i listen to it all the time on full blast in the car and quietly when i sleep lol. but yeah i'm just saying it would be nice to have anything from you. even if it's not one of these things i would be happy to just have your gum wrapper. real talk lol. but yeah if you can't give one of these things to me, me and my sister would be very delighted. and we can't wait for lasers to drop mayne. LUPE FOREVAH
DavidRking's picture

sup lupe! you know me just posting as much as i can cause am your BIGGEST #1 FAN! lol and you know you change so much about me and life is better with me and the things i do feels right. helping kids live better lives and stuff and i do poetry and dress the way i do and you wont believe how my life is hated lol people always say thats stupid cause of this and that lol but watever lol your music keeps me threw the day. but i have to say The emperor's soundtrack is my most favorite song out there lol i know i love intruder, im beaming, fighters hurt me soul, kick push, the coolest and your intros but the emperor's sound track is amazing it gets me full of energy you know ahaha. well you know am always seeing whats new wit you and hoping for LASERS to come SOOOOOOOOON! am waiting for it like forever lol so again much love to ya! God bless and keep it real Lupe.
king cee's picture

Whats up Lupe: well i hope i get all those things your giving away cause your my # 1 artist an getting stuff from you like this will really mean a lot to me, i have all your albums and mixtapes and your music is pretty much what i only listen to, well you and the tribe called quest, planet asian and much other good music. man if i gets this stuff i will listen to the mixtape all day on my ipod and all night with my stereo. well i just wanted to let you know that i love the way how you se the world. how you dont let being famous trap you from things you love to do. well much love lupe and i hope you pick me
DavidRking's picture

sup lupe so am just saying i should get this stuff cause am YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! got your mixtapes and albums and i watch all your interviews and quote most things you say and besides listen to your music like all day what else can i say lol i think overal i have 350 or more songs lol got to love what you make!!!!!!!!!! so again i would looove to have this stuff, it would be most amazing for me!!!!! and to be honest i know Ice Cube, Nas, Talib Kweli, kid Cudi, Mos def, or even 2pac or Biggie YOU LUPE FIASCO IS THE BEST!!!!!!! am not loser am a LASER. i hope i really do get this stuff. FNF UP!!!!!!!
Esti's picture

Mailing to SPAIN is not that expensive :-). Actually, plane tickets to SPAIN are not that expensive :-) x2
HERSOLE21's picture

what up lupe...def hope I get that gifts.....or prize been a fan for some time and def. bang your music for the rec: my fav. song is gold watch and the blog is hot ..and if I dont get the gift keep making hot tracks...I alwayz will be fan
HsN's picture

I would even do ANYTHING for even a crumbled piece of paper with a writing by lupe on it !
HsN's picture

I am willing to spend everything I have to get my hands on ANY of these goodies !!! PLEASE consider me ! You're biggest fan ever. Been your fan since 2002 and will be the biggest fan forever !! :)
Chillax's picture

What up Busy! Or, Lupe if you read this. My iPod is blissfully filled with one hundred and twenty-two songs of yours and counting. There's not a single one I don't like. I love listening for the double meanings, catching the wordplay's, and especially hearing the triple meaning in Failure. In a nutshell I love the artform that is your lyricism and getting any one of these items would be really sweet. Thanks for reading my "entry" and keep dropping magic, Art
DavidRking's picture

so lupe just waiting to see who is the one who gets this amazing stuff you know. i hope all is well wit you and much love to ya! again am your biggest FAN! i hope i get this stuff! lol and i hope Lasers comes out soon! summer is almost over. agian love ya! hope hearing whats goin wit this stuff and Lasers album GOD BLESS lupe fiasco
DavidRking's picture

wats good lupe man. lol still waiting on this you know, i really want to know whos goin to get this AWESOME stuff lol again i hope its me and this would be just amazing for me you know. waiting on lasers to by the way i need that album lol i just know its goin to be sick and that go to sleep song its dope man i love it so far. well much love to ya! Lupe and i wish the best for you. your boy David Rivera
DavidRking's picture

sup lupe man just wondering when you GIVEN THIS STUFF lol its been a while you know lol i really want this stuff lol keep up what you do lupe and much love to ya! LASERS ARE THE FUTURE.
Bluetruth22's picture

Hello Lupe, Great to hear that your giving away your these cool things to a fan. Like many of the others I'm also a huge fan of yours, to the point that when you released 'The Cool' I listened and analyzed every song and led a discussion on in one of my high school classes. At the time I even organized the songs from Food & Liquor into the cool which chronologically I believe tell the story of Michael Young History. I hope you be picked to receive the gifts, but even if I'm not I'll of course remain a loyal fan regardless. F&F UP FREE CHILLY CHILL
cbamcmullen's picture

hi lupe big fan here from across the pond. read your blog everyday. you have some great stuff. i have been thinking about what to put on here for days now. couldnt think, so i thought i best just start typing. i personally have email and written letter to the record label requiring that the album be released! i do hope it comes out soon! you have been missed from the game. i do hope you come uk again. you have been missed. i search daily lupe news and CRS and also your new band Japanese Cartoon. really liking all of it. keep up the good work. and i will be contiuning to send emails and letters till LASERS is released carl
EmceeC's picture

You've been an inspiration to myself and no doubt many others, and as much as I don't want to just try to win you over by flatter and vibrant adoration, you're an indescribable artist and it'd be an honor to hold something in my own possession from one of the greatest mines of our generation.
mrbignblack's picture

Mr Fiasco, That was my birthday is you haven't given it away yet, make a new 23 yr Old happy.
j-barz's picture

I have been a fan since day one no joke i would love to have this stuff these are like pieces of history. Seeing you perform live this year was the high light of my year... shit my life i would love to own this stuff PLEASE!!!!!
DavidRking's picture

sup LUPE! haha just waiting to see who gets this cool stuff and again like always i hope i do man. i dont know what more can i say just i really want this man, your my fav rapper, your my inspiration and i love everything you do man. as your biggest fan i wish the best your you and much love to ya! i really do hope i win lol


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