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Lupe Talks Lasers with Ryan Seacrest

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on March 10, 2011

While in LA - Lupe stopped by Ryan Seacrest to talk Lasers.


Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

PLEASE, make a tour in Europe! Bruxelles is my city...
Flores's picture

I completely agree with LONEWRITER lol We should petition and protest for a Kid cudi and Lupe fiasco song whos with me
Lonewriter's picture

Hey man, I agree with Danny on that one. You are my favorite Hip Hop artist right now and Cudi is like my second favorite artist right now. You and Cudi would be like one of the best collabo's EVER!! I don't mean to be greedy, but I hope we get at least another All City Chess Club track if not a CRS album. If not that's fine, I'm content with Lasers and I can wait until you release F&L 2 or whatever is next. I just hope you have a Lu & Cudi collabo in mind for F&L 2 or whatever project is in the works. You don't have to oversaturate the game like dudes like Wayne. I think it makes your music even more appreciated when you don't drop something new like every single week like some of these guys, who just throw out stuff no matter how bad it might be. -Patient Fan
LASERS4LIFE's picture

Superstar:119 plays, Fighters:79 plays, Kick, Push:65 plays, The Instrumental:63 plays, The Show Goes On:79 plays, I Don"t Wanna Care Right Now:34 plays, Till I Get There:33 plays, Out of My Head:29 plays, Beautiful Lasers:29 plays (beautiful song Lupe), Shining Down: 28 plays, Letting Go:27 plays, Coming Up: 27 plays, State Run Radio:27 plays, Never Forget You:27 plays, Words I Never Said: 26 plays (love love love this song), All Black Everything: 26 plays, Break the Chains: 25 plays. I'm addicted, and the first Lupe Fiasco song I bought was three months ago.
go2 myspace.comkidikarusraps's picture

this saved my life , as stupid or weird as it sounds, it's comforting to know that someone i idolize has gone through what im struggling with now. everywhere i go just remember L.A.S.E.R.S.
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Tavaine Whyte's picture

Wow Lupe battled with religion just like how do now. I have to admit this gives me hope to get through this.
Mightymoe's picture

I can't stop listening to his album. This is honestly one of the best albums I've listened to in a very long time. In my opinion, Lupe is the best artist out there. I'm glad to hear he's doing much better. God is great man. Keep your head up Lupe!
Muziq Connoisseur Dame Diezil's picture

nice view Wasa...lets get the media away from suicide talk, get'em to talk about ALL BLACK EVERYTHING....."constitution written by W.E.B. Debois"....from Va with respect....FNF ^
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Roblee86's picture

No offense but I would much rather Lupe do a track with someone like Luca Brazi (look him up).
I__SawDay's picture

:) Wow...i love it when we get to see, or in this case hear a different side of people!!! LUPE YOU ROCK (:
crystal's picture

This interview made me respect you and love your work even more. Honestly you are helping me get through my life right now. Keep on shining that laser light!
Real_DT_Third's picture

Lupe!! PLEASE Make a Record With Kid Cudi, That Would become my Favorite Song Of All Time hands Down.

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