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Lupe Takes Over Chi-Town [Video]

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on March 14, 2011

Day in the life of Lupe, filmed in Chicago last week. #Lasers


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BIBI4EVA's picture

All black everything!! Love you Lupe, please make your way to Melbourne, Australia. x
JCutie's picture

:-O I'm actually jealous for a minute that that chick is all up on Lu, omy word,lol!
mrchi03's picture

Lupe, you saved rap for me and this generation. I appreciate all your hard work and hope for continued success in your lifetime. I absolutely love all of your albums; you are by far one of the best lyricists in the history of the game. May Allah continue to bless you, shukran ya akhi!

lmao after all these years he still goes "knowhatimsayin" every two seconds
MysticVirgo's picture

I'm loving "Words I Never Said", "All Black Everything", "Beautiful Lasers", and I actually like "Can't Get You Outta My Head" despite fact that I'm not a Trey Songz fan. Lupe, man you deserve all the success and more!
I__SawDay's picture

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS...All Black Everything is my theme song right now!!!!!!! EVERYWHERE I GO....IM BUMPING IT TO THE FULLEST.. :)

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