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Lupe Performs "Scream" Live In Korea [Video]

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Busy's picture
on August 08, 2010

#WeWantLasers too!


JPreciado's picture

Lupe needs to be given more credit for his talent. He is absolutely amazing.......would anyone like to check out my cover I did for Hip-Hop Saved My Life? It's one of my first tracks I've recorded so it's still shabby. Thanks, JP
Killa211's picture

awesome song!!!!!!!
CamilleStorm's picture

LUPE IS THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
702City's picture

I got goosebumps when I first heard his first verse. Lupe is truly a talent. Hope he don't retire like he says he would from the Hip-Hop world. At least some mixtapes Lupe please!
suyeonK's picture

I was there! You were passionate, gorgeous and just great. I can't find any good word to say that how wonderful that night was. Thanks for giving me the best gig ever. Love u Lupe!
Jeremiah D's picture

does that thing around his arm come with the shirt? cuz i want 1 if you can tie it around your arm
westy911's picture

This song is cool and creatious...I bet 1980's Anthony Kiedis wouldve liked this song
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

Fast rapping from Lupe I thought would be outdated and in conflict with the sound of the new album, based on songs heard live through youtube; State Run Radio, Army girl, Beautiful Lasers, and the new Go to Sleep. But this is just so cool. Need to hear proper quality but from this it sounds sooo sick. I didnt really like Go Go Gadget Flow, but this is way too awesome.
MickeyBonita's picture

I live in Ansan which is an hr Southwest of Seoul.
NextSundance's picture

Mickey, where do you live in Korea?
MickeyBonita's picture

Thank you for posting this!!! I was there and seeing this brings the experience back to life. I been waiting on the third LP since early 2009 and I'm sick of waiting. Clearly the petition ain't do SHIT! I think I'ma have to put some fire to some music execs' asses and SOON. Love u, Lupe =)
Rimmy's picture

The excitement of the night just crowded in on me again. Love you Lupe !!!!!!!!!!
Sano213's picture

Thanks Lupe! but damn listening to this makes me want that CDQ! *Scream
RobotReese's picture

Lu was spitting!!!! But it was shoddy camera work...or was did the screen only go black to me?
Derrick_A's picture

HusTheCool's picture

Lupe rules the hip hop game!!!! 1st & 15th nigga... when is Lasers being released man?!?!?!
Maninderjit's picture

This is sick.

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