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Lupe Nominated for Best Rap Album in the 55th Annual Grammys!

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on December 06, 2012

Lupe's newest album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt.1 has been nominated for Best Rap Album in the 55th Annual Grammys! Be sure to watch the awards broadcast on February 10th at 8/7c on CBS!


DarielD.PulliamSr.'s picture

One of the most prolific figures around 2day. Lupe's definitely a positive inspiration in the verbal world known as emceeing. Lupe's lyrics r, I guess u can say," They're picturesque, mentally manipulative. Not just spitting words. This guy is what you'd call.......a true renaissance man. THANKS LUPE, 4 POETIC JUSTICE!
SailorMade's picture

I just wanted to personally thank you for being the only artist who strives to make a difference in the music industry today, from mix tapes way back when to F&L2 you continue to prove that the world has more to offer besides what is being pushed on the public through the media pathways and the meaningless music manipulating the minds of young kids who are lead to believe what they are seeing is the truth. Every lyric you promote tells a story worth learning from rather than a fad which will disappear with time, the songs you produce will withstand the test of time and one day people will appreciate what you are doing for the rap industry and hopefully change the perceptions of young children as you have done to mine growing up in this cover-up mentality country the United States of the chosen few.

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