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Lupe On MTV NEWS Today

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on January 27, 2010

Lupe stopped by MTV today to discuss the new album, Chicago and Haiti. Check above!


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Somone should delete those comments for real. I mean, who cares if Lupe wants to post Kid Cudi on his website? You call Kid Cudi a sell-out, but you may as well be callin Lupe one too. And I wouldn't dare say that word about him, cuz I got all the respect in the world for what Lupe's doing. Getting out there, getting the message out, and showing people what a great lyrical and genius rapper really looks like. Aint nothing wrong with him having some dignity and standing by an artist he respects. Leave this website for those of us coming to look at what Lupe's doing, and the words that he's speaking for the betterment of the world.
FIASCObby's picture

ok... i have a question for exposing the wicked... why are you here ? i mean seriously, you obviously arent a fan of lupe's... you're hating on him like he's doing something wrong ????? please get over yourself and stop spamming the comments...
MonochromeStunt323's picture

Man, it really is fucked up here in Detroit. They market shirts that say "I'm so tough, I Vacation in Detroit" like it's cool. Maybe a lil comedic, but our city really is that fucked up. It'll get better though, I hope anyway...
ShaZan1011's picture

Awesome! Your so well-spoken man! Can't wait for LASERS!

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