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Lupe Jammin' To Japanese Cartoon

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Busy's picture
on January 01, 2010

Lupe Fiasco caught jamming to some of his favorite punk music.


KandiPeachy's picture

Get it Luuuuuuu!!!!
JCutie's picture

I agree w/ Ms. Shelz, jam on Lu and Happy New Years, yep I', late!!!
nIANja909's picture

Aiight I'm trippin. I guess his shorts aren't that bad. But they just look odd as hell to me for some reason. I'd rather him dress like that than on some Horse Jockey with Harry Potter glasses type s***. You have my approval Lu.You may go on with life.
andret's picture

lol he wylin
RoDKnEE's picture

Ayo... everybody should stfu on that shorts shiit.... Lupe!! FNF^^
nIANja909's picture

Funny you should say, cause the music in the video was about as gay as his shorts lol.
KidCastro's picture

why are these shorts gay ?? damn, some people should stfu. it's all about the music and not about pants or shorts. smh. LUPE & JC - FTW
nIANja909's picture

Meh, I dunno, It's kinda like, half short half capri half gay. I'm kinda stuck on this. Either way, just wear some regular damn pants bruh, and we wouldn't have a problem determining your sexual orientation.
nIANja909's picture

Those are the gayest shorts I've ever seen then. Thems is Capri's bruh. I ain't never seen no shorts go down that far, unless they were baggy. And them ain't baggy, they were made to go down halfway between the knee and ankle, that's just gay.
M.shelz's picture

Dude those are shorts...aduh!!! and if you hate Lupe so much why even bother being on here??? obviously some1 must be in denial , cuz it seems to me You hate the way you love em! lol, Smh! bless ya heart!
WrathofAres's picture

Idiot. lol.
nIANja909's picture

OH dear God, you even listen to your own terrible music. And why the hell this nigga wearin Capri's bruh.
COOL-DUDE's picture

let me guess...'All Sabotage'...nice
DENIM.MOUZON's picture

hell yes!
house_0f.hunger's picture

my mans got the air guitar in full effect!!! jammin out!!

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