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Lupe Freestyles On The Spot With Green Lantern

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on November 30, 2010


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Freestyle's obviously aren't easy. Do it with no money, but still hungry for a Reese, Shouts to Fiasco, B.o.B, Cudi, but can't see me. Ray Charles in the soul, hitting beats with every nano key. My man Lupe speaks words beautiful like Swift, Call it talented mind, and that's the best gift. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's, no matter religion, I'll be on here the 25th to see the gift you were given. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone.
Existence's picture

DJ: You know you made it seem so easy though a lot of rappers cant, they try but- Lupe:No they cant... Everyone:...They cant.... lmao
element of chai's picture

the flow reminds me of when he was on BET and did his thing on the cypher. sickk
Dieus's picture

...nice potshot against Drake :D
ParagonX's picture

Absolutely mad tight like a straight jacket, always impressed.
HellaGoodDog's picture

lu is a beast " thats how i greet 'em, no hellos just hollows" cudi has the best freestyles ever tho

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